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Mission Hills is full of beautiful, historic homes. Some of the oldest neighborhoods date back to 1908, lined with homes built in the Craftsman and Spanish Colonial Revival style. Initially designed to give a gorgeous overview of the best parts of San Diego, including Point Loma, Coronado, and Mission Bay, this area has preserved its charm and grown to be a welcome haven for San Diego residents. While the neighborhoods and shopping centers can evoke a feeling from a previous era, the modern age brings with it new conveniences that make it easier to live and conduct business.

Unified Solar and Roofing offers services for all Mission Hills solar panels, including installation, repairs, and solar battery storage for both residential and commercial properties. Solar panels won’t change the historic appeal of your home or business, but rather add additional convenience, a higher property value, and peace of mind knowing that your carbon footprint and your electric bill will be significantly lower.

You can rely on the services of Unified Solar and Roofing, a qualified and insured Mission Hills solar company, for all of your solar panel installation and repair needs, as well as solar battery storage and solar back up options. With the help of our solar professionals, you can keep the lights on at a reasonable price. Our exceptional customer service ensures the switch won’t be a hassle.

Energy from the sun’s beams is converted into energy using solar panels. In order to create direct current electricity, glass panes protect silicon solar cells from the sun’s rays. An AC (alternating current) output is produced by converting DC power from a source (alternating current).

A Few Solar Manufacturers We Work With

Mission Hills solar panel option by QCells
CertainTeed solar panel option for Mission hills
Solar panel installation in Mission hills by Unified Solar And Roofing

Mission Hills Solar Panel Installation

Whether you live in Bankers Hill, University Heights, or Hillcrest, chances are your home is primed for a Mission Hills solar panel installation. Solar panels don’t have to alter your home’s appearance in any way, especially if it is a historic home. Generally, solar panels come in aesthetically pleasing designs that can blend in well with your home’s design. These panels don’t have to be installed on a roof either but can be placed in the yard or any other part of your property.

Unified Solar and Roofing has established a foolproof method to implement a professional solar installation that maximizes your comfort during the installation and keeps your property and your solar panels secure. A professional installation can help keep your solar panels in good shape. Go for a walk in Presidio Park and come home to new solar panels that run your home.

Our team of experts will make sure during your free estimate that your home can support solar panels. Older homes with older electrical builds might not be able to take a solar panel system. Fortunately, most homes are already prepared for solar panels.

If you have any questions concerning the team, our customer service department is happy to assist you. Our experts will help you apply for HOA and San Diego municipal permits. With the help of Unified Solar and Roofing, your solar panels will last much longer.

Mission Hills Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial solar panels in Mission Hills may help local businesses improve their image. Whether you own a boutique, a retail store, an office space, or a restaurant on West Lewis St., solar panels can help you run your business. You can expect quality service from Unified Solar and Roofing. A company’s lights may be kept on if solar panels are used when the power goes out. The initial cost of solar panels can also be offset by their long-term savings.

Project management, operations, and maintenance are all taken care of by Unified Solar and Roofing when it comes to installing commercial solar panels. As a Mission Hills business owner, you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to install commercial solar panels.

If your company has unique requirements, you’ll need a tailored solution. We’ve worked with some of the best solar panel manufacturers in the nation in order to suit the demands of our customers. With the assistance of our skilled specialists, it is much simpler to install new solar panels or improve an existing solar panel system.

Solar panel repair in Mission hills for a cracked panel on the roof

Mission Hills Solar Panel Repair

No matter how stable or sturdy your solar panel installation may be, solar repairs might become necessary after bad storms, strong winds, or accidents. When your solar panel system requires repair, Unified Solar and Roofing will assist you and your family. Mission Hills solar company that can help repair your solar panels, inverter, or solar battery storage system. Whatever it may be, we can help keep your solar panel system working at it’s optimum ability.

It’s possible that you won’t have to replace your solar panels if they cease operating or lose their efficiency. We can help you identify if your solar panel repair issues will be warrantied with your original solar installer or by the product manufacturer. To get them back up and running, our experienced and insured experts can decide what needs to be done. Unified Solar and Roofing has seen it all when it comes to solar panel repairs. For all of your roofing and solar panel needs, Unified Solar and Roofing is your one-stop-shop.

Mission Hills Commercial Repair

It is critical to have a back-up strategy in place in the event that your commercial solar panel installation fails. Unified Solar and Roofing is the company to contact if you need a repair or are concerned that your solar panels are losing power. Make certain that your business is not harmed by power outages. Commercial solar panel cleaning is another service that our certified and insured solar specialists do, so contact our experts to set up a specialized schedule for regular cleaning.

Mission Hills Solar Battery Back-up Options

Mission hills solar batteries using NeoVolta
Mission hills solar battery backup systems using Enphase

Solar battery back-up or solar baterry storage options for Mission hills

Mission Hills Solar Battery Storage And Back-up

If your house doesn’t use all of the power produced by your solar panels during the day, you’ll need solar backup batteries for your Mission hills home. At peak times, you won’t have to use the traditional electric grid if the sky is hazy or it’s midnight. A solar battery backup system may also be used to recharge electric vehicles and prevent electrical downtime due to rolling blackouts or if the grid is down. Solar battery storage for your Mission hills home will add that extra peace of mind knowing that you and your family are safe and the lights stay on.

A Mission Hills Solar Company You Can Count On

With all of the solar energy solutions we offer, we are sure that we can help keep your existing system in the best operating conditions possible. We can also help you learn more about having a new solar panel system installed on your Mission Hills home. If you are in need of help or have questions about going solar, we can help! Give us a call at (858) 382-4532 or feel free to fill out our contact form and we will contact you.