Residential Solar

Unified Solar and Roofing offers quality residential solar panel installation and repairs for all residential properties, including homes, property owner associations, homeowner associations, and apartment buildings.

If you and your family are looking to save money on your electric bill, or simply want to leave a lighter carbon footprint, Unified Solar and Roofing technicians and specialists can help you decide the best solar panels for your budget, energy use, and lifestyle. We install solar panels from the top solar panel manufacturers in the U.S. to give you peace of mind when it comes to your energy resources. Give us a call and let our experts give you a free estimate.

licensed contractor offers solar panel installation, solar repair, and solar panel cleaning

Why Should I Get Residential Solar Panels?

Residential solar panels do two things: they save you money, and they save the environment by lowering greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Unlike coal and natural gas, solar energy is clean, renewable, and 100 percent emissions-free.

Residential solar panels offer a stable resource for energy in the case of natural disasters, especially in areas prone to blackouts or thunderstorms. Most solar panels can be adjusted for more or less usage based on your family’s needs. Furthermore, professionally installed and well-maintained solar panels can last for decades, making them a solid investment.

If your energy bill was cut in half, how much money could you save? Solar panels can save money by cutting your electricity bill down, depending on how much you rely on the panels. In addition, your state, county, and even city might offer different tax breaks every year for homeowners with a functioning solar panel system on their property.

Federal Tax Credit

In December 2020, Congress passed an extension of the ITC, which offers a 26 percent tax credit for systems installed between 2020 and 2020, and 22 percent for systems installed in 2023. This credit is set to expire in 2024 unless it is renewed again. There is no maximum amount that can be claimed. While installing solar panels comes with a price tag, the federal government is willing to offset some of the cost.

Quality Residential Solar Panel Services

Unified Solar and Roofing offers top-of-the-line residential solar panel installation, repairs, and cleaning. We work with you to stay within your budget while providing quality solar panel materials from the top solar panel manufacturers. These solar panel manufacturers include LG, Solaria, QCell, and Silfab. Your investment is safe with us!

No matter what the service needed is, we will always begin with a free estimate from one of our expert solar panel professionals. We’ll help you choose the best solar panel or solar panel repair plan for you and your family. Whether you want to install new solar panels or fix your old solar panels and make them good as new ones, our skilled team of solar technicians is here by your side.

Residential Solar Panels

There are many different types of solar panels available to homeowners and residential property owners everywhere. Unified Solar and Roofing can help you choose the right kinds of panels best suited to your home, environment, and energy needs.

Here are some of the most popular types of solar panels:

  • Monocrystalline

    These panels take one large pure silicon crystal and cut it into wafers. They appear dark black and are considered the most durable solar panels. These panels make the most of the space they are placed in, providing high levels of energy throughout the day into your home, backup batteries, and into the grid.

  • Polycrystalline

    Polycrystalline panels don’t waste as much silicone as monocrystalline panels do, making it a budget-friendly option for your home. They are made from several different silicon crystals that are then melted and poured into a square mold. These panels are not as well-suited to higher temperatures and are not as efficient as monocrystalline panels.

  • Thin Film

    These panels consist of thin, flexible layers that do not require a frame backing. They are light and easy to install and come in custom sizes based on your roof space or wherever you want to install panels.

repairing a broken solar panel due to falling debris

Solar Panel Repairs

Solar panels can take a heavy beating from the environment, animal nests, and other forms of wear and tear. Our skilled technicians have worked with all kinds of solar panel repairs and can get them back in working order in almost no time at all. We know you need electricity to keep your day-to-day lives on track.

Your panels won’t have to be replaced until they’ve been totaled. Broken inverters, damaged wires, or circuit breaker trips can be easily replaced, saving you money and putting your investment right where it needs to be.

Cleaning solar panels due to excessive dirt and debris

Solar Panel Cleaning

Your solar panels are a major investment, but without proper care, they can lose their efficiency. Uncleaned solar panels can lose up to five percent of their energy capacity if left untreated long enough. Maximize your investment by scheduling a solar panel cleaning for your home today!

Our technicians will handle your panels with care. We understand the best cleaning practices for your investment. Furthermore, we’ll help you if we find any damage that needs to be addressed.

battery storage installation offered by Unified Solar And Roofing

Solar Panel Battery Backup

The sun doesn’t shine forever. When it sets, your solar panel system relies on the energy it converted during the day to power your home at night. The energy that isn’t directly used right away gets stored in solar panel batteries. These solar battery back up systems last a long time, but after twenty years or so, you may need to replace them.

We can help! We rely on top manufacturers such as Enphase, LG, and Neovolta for the best backup batteries for your panels.

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