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Unified Solar and Roofing is honored to help the city of San Diego’s business districts maintain their solar panel systems and restore them to their best condition with a comprehensive San Diego commercial solar panel repair plan. Our team of licensed solar technicians can assist your San Diego business with all the repairs it needs on its solar panel system. Interruptions to your business can be devastating. Unified Solar and Roofing can get your business back online in no time.

Our expert customer service will make sure all your questions are answered throughout the process. Meanwhile, our team of experts can handle the complex and simple repairs that your solar panel system may require. Call us today for a free estimate! Along with our San Diego solar panel repair service, we also offer a complete range of San Diego solar and roofing services.

A Few Manufacturers We Work With

QCells solar panels we use for our San Diego commercial solar panel repair
CertainTeed solar panels are used with some of our San Diego commercial solar panel repair service
Silfab solar panel products we use for commercial roof repair in San Diego

San Diego commercial solar panel repair as we replaced a panel due to falling debris

Our San Diego Commercial Solar Panel Repair Services

San Diego currently has enough solar capacity to power 76,000 homes, according to researchers. The city currently leads other major cities in the United States in available solar capacity.

It can be frustrating when some of that capacity becomes unavailable to your business or refuses to work altogether. Your company invested in a solar panel system to save you money, keep you on a reliable energy network, and reduce your carbon footprint. Solar panels help build a reputation with your customers for sustainability and keep your business online even during San Diego blackouts.

When your solar panels don’t work anymore, Unified Solar and Roofing will provide your company with an expert team of licensed solar technicians to help you plan repairs. Our technicians can bring a solar panel system online no matter how simple or complex the repair may be. We understand that your business needs a seamless operation with no interruptions. That’s why we’ll create a method of repair that has minimal effect on your day-to-day.

Don’t have the time to look at your panels yourself to see what needs to be fixed? Don’t worry. Unified Solar and Roofing offers a quality operations and maintenance (O&M) program that keeps your panels in their best shape.

Common San Diego Repairs

Solar panels that are correctly installed and of good quality can last anywhere from 20 to 25 years. It’s critical to address problems as soon as they arise, however. As a solar panel owner, you should be aware of the following common issues.

  • Internal Corrosion

    Most solar panels have vacuum seals to keep water out of the structure. Your panel may deteriorate quickly if the seal comes loose. An inspection would determine the seal’s tensile strength and check for corrosion.

  • Broken Wiring

    Electrical systems are a part of solar panel systems. Wires can become tangled, oxidation can develop, and a malfunctioning system can reduce the amount of electricity produced.

  • Micro-Cracks

    Even little flaws in the glass are difficult to see without a magnifying glass. However, little flaws may gradually grow into structural weaknesses, which can then lead to more expensive problems. This type of cracking can occur as a result of inclement weather and rapid temperature changes. Make an appointment for an inspection as soon as possible to repair these scratches.

  • Animal Damage

    Bird nests, squirrels, snails, ants, and wasps may all wreak havoc on your solar panel’s performance. There are numerous options available from our team of professionals based on the type of animal that loves your panels, such as wire fences, catch-and-release traps, and reflective paint. Over time, a green roof or garden roof can affect the panels on your company’s roof.

  • Commercial Roof Damage

    If your company’s solar panels are mounted on the roof, you’ll want to check for any problems with the roof. In order to safeguard and stabilize both roof and solar panel systems, both of our roofing and solar professionals can assist evaluate what has to be mended.

How Much Does a San Diego Commercial Solar Repair Cost?

The price tag on your solar panel repair bill will vary based on the amount of damage the panel has sustained over time. However, a free estimate from our skilled team of solar technicians can help you determine how much to set aside for a solar panel repair. Furthermore, we’ll check to see if installation warranties cover any San Diego commercial solar repairs. Many solar manufacturers offer warranties that last almost as long as your solar panel system.

When Should I Replace My Panels?

Solar panels are generally very sturdy appliances that are built to withstand heat, wind, dust, and other kinds of San Diego weather. However, if you’ve let a small problem go for too long, experienced a once-in-a-lifetime weather event or storm, or if your solar panels are simply too old, it might be time to replace your San Diego commercial solar panel system them. Our expert solar panel inspection can determine whether you need a quick fix, a full replacement, or another form of repair.

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