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How old is the roof on your San Diego commercial property? Regardless of if it is new or 25 years old, chances are it could benefit greatly from a preventative maintenance program. In fact, it is proven that if properly cared for, a commercial roof can last upwards of 30 years. Catching signs of deterioration early is the key to maximizing your roof’s lifespan. Rather than waiting for something to go wrong with your property’s commercial roof, choose Unified Solar and Roofing for a custom San Diego commercial roofing maintenance program.

Our experienced team provides commercial roofing maintenance and inspection services for commercial property owners, property managers, homeowner associations, and commercial business owners in the San Diego area. Keep your business out of harm’s way with a commercial roof maintenance plan that works for your schedule and budget.  You can trust that Unified can help with all of your San Diego solar and roofing needs.

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Unified Solar and Roofing’s Preventative Maintenance Program

A preventative maintenance plan is a routine, comprehensive program that is developed based on the unique needs of your San Diego commercial roof.

At Unified Solar and Roofing, a preventative roof maintenance program includes:

  • A Roof Inspection:

    Our experienced roofers will access your roof and perform a visual inspection, searching for anything that might be amiss. Because it rains quite a bit during San Diego winters, our technicians will look for leaks, standing water or anything else that could result in future damage to your roof. We will also clean your commercial roof of any debris that could lead to clogged drains or damage later on.

  • Recommendations:

    Based on the inspection of your property’s roof, our team will develop a customized plan with recommendations to help keep the roof of your San Diego business in great shape. If your roof inspection uncovers a problem, we will repair it on the spot or come back to fix the issue later so it doesn’t become worse. Small repairs can usually be addressed right away, but larger or emerging problems might require a return visit. One of our technicians will discuss the options with you to decide on the best plan to ensure the longevity and performance of your commercial property’s roof.

  • Implementation:

    Based on our recommendations, United Solar and Roofing will work with you to develop a plan for continued care and maintenance for your commercial roof. We will also provide you with a report once our work has been completed. A running record of your commercial roof’s condition over time will impact future maintenance decisions, just as a medical record impacts a patient’s healthcare needs. This record also serves as evidence of the maintenance required by many commercial roof warranties.

Commercial Roof Maintenance In San Diego And Program Benefits

Maintenance services allow our experienced roofers the chance to catch roofing issues on your San Diego commercial property that normally go unseen.
The following additional benefits can be achieved through routine maintenance:

  • Longer Roof Life:

    Proper maintenance has proven to extend the life of your property’s roof, helping you avoid the expense of a total replacement sooner than necessary.

  • Savings:

    Regular inspections can uncover minor repair issues before they become bigger, more expensive repairs down the road. Roof maintenance programs are also tax deductible, and typically cost only about 1 to 3 percent per year of estimated total replacement costs.

  • Peace of Mind:

    A roof that is not cleaned and cared for regularly can cause physical harm to your employees, tenants, or customers. Hiring a qualified roofing company like United Solar and Roofing to inspect your roof and provide a detailed assessment of its condition helps you protect your building, your business, and yourself.

  • Satisfies Your Warranty:

    Many roof warranties make commercial property owners prove that their roof has had regular maintenance before they honor the contract and pay for needed repairs.

San Diego commercial roof maintnenance for a torch down roof replacing the old leaking torch down roofing

San Diego Commercial Roofing Maintenance Program Options

Unified Solar and Roofing offers several different maintenance programs on a biannual or annual basis based on the needs of your commercial property’s roof. For instance, if your property resides in one of San Diego’s coastal communities, odds are you may need a preventative maintenance program on a biannual basis due to elemental damage resulting from sun exposure or moisture. On the other hand, if your commercial property is located in the Golden Triangle business district, you will most likely only need a maintenance service once a year due to the mild climate and limited foliage.

Choose The Leading Commercial Roof Company in San Diego

If you do not already have a commercial roof maintenance plan for your San Diego business, now is the time to get one. The cost of a roof replacement far outweighs the cost of a preventative maintenance plan and regular repairs. Our technicians will guide you through the entire process while providing the highest quality of service available in our industry. To receive a complimentary commercial maintenance program estimate from United Solar and Roofing, please fill out our contact form or call us at (858) 382-4532.