Commercial Roof Repair

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Commercial Roof Repair

The roof on your commercial property can get damaged in a variety of ways. Whether a severe storm rips through your area, materials start to age, or moisture pockets form, it is crucial to get your commercial roof repaired as soon as you notice an issue. A small leak can turn into a much larger problem very quickly. Our experienced roofers at Unified Solar and Roofing can provide all of your commercial roofing repair needs. From ceiling drips to missing shingles, we are your source for affordable solutions you can trust to keep your customers, visitors, and workers safe year-round.

A Few Roofing Manufacturers We Work With

Owens Corning roofing materials used in some commercial roof repair projects
Johns Manville roof material for some of our commercial flat roof repair services
torch down commercial roof repair due to extensive leaking

Why You Need a Commercial Roof Repair

Your property’s commercial roof protects your indoor space from moisture, UV rays, snow and other elemental factors. Issues left untreated, such as leaks or cracked shingles, can cause a significant amount of damage, which can cost you a lot of money in the long run. The earlier you spot the need for a repair, the faster you can get the problem under control and continue with your operations.

At Unified Solar and Roofing, we will detect and repair issues at the source, without taking any shortcuts. When you use a professional roofing company like ours, you can prolong the replacement time of your commercial roof and avoid ongoing costs caused by faulty repairs.

Different Types of Roof Repairs

Our team will visit your property for an inspection of your commercial roof. This will give our roofers a better idea of any structural weak spots on your property’s roof. From there, Unified Solar and Roofing will provide you with an estimate that includes the cost of updated materials and labor. We will also draw up a tailored plan for your repair.

Some of the most common roof repairs we have handled include:

  • Flat Roofing Repairs

    Flat roofs can present many challenges for commercial property owners. Unlike sloped roofs, flat roofs are far more likely to suffer the effects of ponding water that is caused by clogged drains, blocked downspouts, pitch issues, poor design, faulty installation, etc.

    Over time, harsh UV rays can also take a toll on your flat roof, eventually causing seams, transitions, laps, and other details to fail. This allows small cracks and other tiny openings to form in the roof membrane, which causes water to leak into your commercial property. If not addressed accordingly, these leaks can lead to some very costly repairs. Without proper care, a new flat roof may even need to be installed.

    If your commercial flat roof has a leak, contact a professional roofing company like Unified Solar and Roofing as soon as possible.

  • Tile Roof Repairs

    There are many reasons that can lead to roof tiles needing to be repaired. For example, if the tiles were not installed or maintained properly, then it could lead to problems such as cracking. Even if the tiles on your commercial property were properly installed and maintained, normal wear and tear is inevitable.

    When tiles have cracked, shifted, fallen off, or the underlayment reaches its life expectancy and has become an area of failure, it is important to schedule a repair quickly to avoid further damage. Whether your commercial property has a clay or concrete tile roof, our experienced roofers at Unified Solar and Roofing can take care of your repair.

  • Shingle Roofing Repairs

    If your commercial property has a shingle roof, the following warning signs may indicate your roof needs attention:

    • Buckling shingles
    • Broken or missing shingles
    • Water leaks

    If you notice any of these shingle issues on the roof of your commercial property, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experienced roofers.

  • Commercial Roof Coatings

    The purpose of a commercial roof coating is to improve the performance of your property’s roof and increase its lifespan. Roof coatings are designed to be spray or roll-applied directly to the existing surface of your roof. This coating protects your building from leaks thanks to its seamless structure, self-adhering properties, and flashing capabilities.

    Not only do commercial roof coatings eliminate leaks from your roof surface, most are also reflective, meaning they reflect UV rays back into the atmosphere instead of absorbing them. This keeps your roof surface cooler, which also keeps the interior of your building cooler and saves you money in the long run. If you are interested in getting a coating for your commercial roof, contact Unified Solar and Roofing for a free estimate today.

Why Unified For Commercial Roof Repairs?

Commercial roofing repairs make it possible to prolong the life of your property’s existing roof until you are ready for a replacement. If your commercial roof is in need of a repair, our experienced roofers at Unified Solar and Roofing offer outstanding customer support, fair pricing and quality service. To schedule a complimentary estimate, fill out our contact form or call us at (858) 382-4532 . And don’t forget that we also offer other roofing services to ensure that we can help anyone with roofing needs.