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The sparkling sun that gives Pacific Beach the life and the light it needs to be such a great place to live also has a more practical purpose: it can power your home or business at a fraction of the cost of traditional electricity. Solar gives you a way off of the grid and saves you money. Even better if you purchase the systems, your payoff is usually six to sevens years which then provides you 15-18 years of free energy. What better way to save money so that you can better enjoy your life than by reducing your carbon footprint and your bills. While you’re surfing, fishing, or serving your customers, Pacific Beach solar panels are producing all the energy you need.

Unified Solar and Roofing can help you choose the best solar panel system for your Pacific Beach home. Our experienced technicians can also repair, inspect, and clean your solar panels, regardless of who installed them or when they were installed. We also offer you great options to have a solar battery back-up system that stores power during the day and then lets you use it at night or during a time of cloudy weather or a possible black-out. Enjoy your life and savor your business knowing that both the sun and Unified Solar and Roofing are by your side to help make life a little easier.

The transition from traditional electricity to solar energy doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. With our electrical, solar, and roofing technicians, installation and repair can be done quickly, after our free estimate, of course. Your home and business can maintain comfort, quality of life, and efficiency with solar panels. As an added benefit, you’ll always be prepared for emergencies, blackouts, or power outages in the city, since solar panels don’t rely on the grids energy to function.

Solar panel installation in Pacific Beach on a flat roof

Pacific Beach Solar Panel Installation

Your home is very important to your family and having a good solar panel system can make it even better. While your kids are playing in Rose Creek or playing in Fanuel Street Park, solar panels can keep their rooms nice and cool for when they come home and need to do their homework. Pacific Beach solar panel installation keeps the lights on after dark and allows you to watch movies in the comfort of your home without rising prices or flickering lights.

When it comes to installing solar panels, Unified Solar and Roofing has devised an easy-to-follow process that ensures the safety of both your property and the solar panels themselves. And we always have our roofing experts working when installing the mounting to your roof to ensure there are no leaks or that your roof warranty is compromised. Your solar panels will last longer if they are installed by a qualified technician.

DIY installations generally lead to errors in the installation that can cause major problems later on. Without an electrician’s license, you also won’t be able to hook your solar panels into the electrical grid. Have Unified out to help you determine what sized solar energy system is required to provide the energy needed along with what you may want to have in the future.

We’re pleased to answer any questions you have about our process. Allow our professionals to assist you in obtaining the necessary HOA and city of San Diego licenses and certificates you need. Your solar panels will last much longer if you choose Unified Solar and Roofing.

A Few San Diego Solar Manufacturers We Work With

QCells panels for a solar panel installation in Pacific Beach
CertainTeed solar panels for our Pacific Beach solar panel installation

Pacific Beach Commercial Installation

Businesses in Pacific Beach might benefit from installing commercial solar panels.
Solar panels may aid any company, whether it’s a retail shop, an office building, or a restaurant on Mission Boulevard. Unified Solar and Roofing provides excellent service. The lights of a business may be kept on when the electricity goes off if solar panels are used for a backup solution. It is also possible to offset the initial cost of solar panels by their long-term savings.

When it comes to installing commercial solar panels, Unified Solar and Roofing handles everything from project management to operations and maintenance. When it comes to installing commercial solar panels in Pacific Beach, you won’t have any worries.

Your company’s needs require a customized solution. The needs of our consumers have led us to engage with some of the greatest solar panel manufacturers in this country. With the help of our experts, installing new solar panels or improving an existing solar panel system is considerably easier.

Pacific Beach Commercial Repair

In the event that your commercial solar panel installation fails, you’ll need a solution to get a Pacific Beach commercial solar repair. If you’re afraid that your solar panel system is losing electricity, might have a broken wire, or needs a new panel, call Unified Solar and Roofing. Power interruptions should not have any impact on the operations of your company. If you have a commercial solar panel that has to be cleaned on a regular basis, contact our solar professionals to set up a customized cleaning plan.

Solar repair in Pacific Beach due to a electrical issue in junction box

Pacific Beach Solar Panel Repair

It doesn’t matter how durable or stable your solar panel installation is; it may need to be repaired after a storm, severe winds, or an accident. Maintenance and upkeep are required for your panels on occasion. Our company, Unified Solar and Roofing, is here for you and your family if you ever need help with your solar repairs for your Pacific Beach home or business. While you’re enjoying Sea World or many of the great beaches in Pacific Beach, we will restore your panels to their full efficiency.

If your solar panels stop working or decrease their efficiency, you may not need to replace them. Our professionals have the knowledge and training to get them back up and running. When it comes to solar repairs, Unified Solar and Roofing has seen it all. Trust our experts to get it right the first time!

Pacific Beach Solar Battery Backup Options

Pacific Beach solar batteries using NeoVolta
Pacific Beach solar battery backup systems using Enphase

Pacific Beach Solar Battery Back-up

You’ll need solar backup batteries in Pacific Beach if your home doesn’t consume all of the electricity generated by your solar panels during the day. Even if the sky is foggy or it’s after midnight, you won’t be forced to utilize the old electric grid during peak hours, depending on your battery’s capacity. Electric cars may be recharged with the help of a solar battery backup system. And as Pacific Beach residents know there can be times of overcast weather, taking advantage of solar battery storage can prevent you from spending money and giving you that extra power when needed. We offer NeoVolta solar batteries along with Enphase solar back-up batteries.

Unified Is Your Go To Pacific Beach Solar Company

Regardless of what solar energy service you require, Unified Solar And Roofing can help! We offer everything from new solar panel installation, solar repair, and solar battery storage. And by having a staff of professional electricians, solar installers, and roofing specialists, you can rest easy knowing that your project will be completed properly.

If you have any questions or are interested in a no obligation estimate, feel free to fill out our contact form or simply call us at (858) 382-4532