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Carmel Mountain Ranch Commercial Roof Repair

When was the last time you checked the condition of your property’s roof? Does it have standing water on it, or are shingles peeling up from a Carmel Mountain Ranch storm? No matter what condition your commercial roof is in, United Solar and Roofing can fix it.

Whether you just noticed a leak coming into the upper floors of your property, or you found mold growing on your roof, it’s important to take care of roofing issues right away. Fortunately, Unified Solar and Roofing can diagnose and fix your problems quickly and efficiently. We proudly offer commercial roofing repair services to Carmel Mountain Ranch property owners. All you need to do is call us today and we can get to work. A Carmel Mountain Ranch roofing contractor that you can count on

Common Commercial Roofing Issues in Carmel Mountain Ranch

Did you know that 30 percent of your commercial property protects 100 percent of your assets? Your roof makes up a third of your building, making it invaluable and something that should be safeguarded at all costs. That being said, Carmel Mountain Ranch commercial roofs are always under constant attack from the elements. By addressing small problems early, you can avoid much bigger, and far more expensive, roofing problems in the future, while also expanding the life of your roof. To know what to look out for, here are some of the most common commercial roof problems we’ve encountered at United Solar and Roofing.

Commercial roof repair in Carmel Mountain ranch due to a torch down roof seem leak
  • 1. Lack of Maintenance

    Lack of roof maintenance is one of the most common problems we encounter. Your roof needs to be inspected at least once a year to ensure its quality. United Solar and Roofing technicians can inspect your roof to identify issues that would otherwise go unseen. If left untreated, these roof repair issues could lead to much bigger roofing problems later on. If we discover a problem during a roof inspection, we will repair it immediately.

  • 2. Poor Installation

    Every roofing project should start with a professional and proper roofing installation. A poorly installed roof increases the likelihood of problems and reduces its lifespan. A poorly installed roof often requires multiple ongoing roof repairs that will ultimately cause a roof replacement sooner than required for a properly installed roof.

  • 3. Improper Roofing Materials

    Did you know the type of roofing materials you use can also cause your Carmel Mountain Ranch property big issues? For example, restaurants should have a PVC roof because it is resistant to animal fats and grease. If that same roof had an EPDM membrane, that membrane would break down due to grease.

  • 4. Standing Water

    Standing water on commercial roofs is quite common, especially due to the Carmel Mountain Ranch’s wet winters. Standing water can break down your roofing system over time, causing leaks and mold to infiltrate your property.

  • 5. Blow-offs

    Roof blow-offs occur when wind hits the side of your building and continues over the top. Space created between the moving wind and your roof creates suction, which can pull weak roof materials off. Therefore, it is very important to apply roofing materials correctly and allow them to cure fully. Otherwise your commercial roof in Carmel Mountain Ranch will encounter the need for a roof repair.

  • 6. Punctures

    Fallen tree limbs aren’t the only thing that can cause punctures to your roof- foot traffic can also be a culprit. When people walk on your roof frequently, the weight can wear your roof membrane down overtime, causing holes.

  • 7. Shrinkage

    Roofing materials, especially metal, expand during the summer time in Carmel Mountain Ranch, and shrink in the winter. Metal drip edges and flashing can significantly change in size from one season to the next. As the metal expands and contracts, joints can break and holes can develop. If left untreated, this can create leaks.

  • 8. Damaged Flashing

    Flashing is installed on walls, curbs, and around objects protruding from your property’s roof, and are used to reflect water from seams and joints. Most roof leaks are from improperly installed flashing.

Another cause of damaged flashing is from expansion and contraction of the metal material. As mentioned above, metal can expand and contract significantly. When this happens, holes can develop at the seams or the metal itself can tear- creating a water leak. Flashing that is improperly taken off can also allow water to get in under your roof.

Do you have any of these things currently happening to your Carmel Mountain Ranch commercial roof? If so, give United Solar and Roofing a call today for a free commercial roof repair estimate.

Roofing Manufacturers We Work With

Ownes corning roof materials used for our Carmel Mountain Ranch roof leak repairs on asphalt shingle roofing
Johns Manville flat roofing for our commercial roof repair in Carmel Mountain Ranch

Why Choose Us For Your Carmel Mountain Ranch Commercial Roof Repair?

Commercial roof problems are unavoidable. Leaves might collect and clog your drains, strong winds could pick-up or blow-off roofing material, or holes could develop from material shrinkage. If you ignore these problems, they will lead to bigger, more costly repairs.

Regardless of the issue, United Solar and Roofing can help. Our technicians are fully licensed and certified, and will be there for you during every step of the process. To schedule a customized roof repair estimate, fill out our contact form or call us at 858) 382-4532(.