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Bay Park Roof Replacement Services

You might not give much thought to your home’s roof until a problem occurs like a roof leak, damaged or missing shingles or the appearance of roofing material in your gutter system. These are all signs you may need a roof replacement on your Bay Park home.

We offer roof replacement services in Bay Park for all types of roofing. We specialize in asphalt shingle roofing, torch down roofing for flat roofs, cool roofing for added energy benefits, along with tile roofing installation. Any type of roofing installation you need, we cover!

If you live in the Bay Park area and need a new roof installation for your home, contact the roofing professionals at Unified Solar and Roofing. We’ll come to your house and perform a free roof inspection to determine your roof’s condition. We will then provide an estimate so you will know how much your roof replacement will cost. Unlike other Bay Park roofing companies, our transparent pricing eliminates concerns about hidden fees or add-on costs. We also offer budget friendly options like financing. And once the roof is removed, we will always be in contact with you regarding any wood work that will need to be done before installing the new roof.

If you are building or renovating your dream home or simply adding on to an existing residence, we can also provide an estimate for the cost of a newly installed roof.

Whatever roofing needs you require, Unified Solar and Roofing can handle it.

Roofing Manufacturers We Work With

Owens Corning for our Bay Park roof replacement material provider
Boral roofing materials for our Bay Park roof installation
Johns Manville cool roofing for Bay Park flat roof replacement
roof replacement in Bay park after we finish replacing old damage wood

Signs You Need a New Roof Installed

Not sure if you need a replacement? If your roof shows any of the following signs, it may be time for a new one.

  • Shingle Damage

    On a new roof installation, asphalt shingles have a granular covering to protect the tar surface. There is also a tar seal at the edge of a row of shingles that prevents wind from lifting them up and blowing them off. Over time, the granular surface of the asphalt shingle loosens and wears off, making the tar lose its seal. If you see an excessive amount of granules in your gutters, cracked or curling shingles, or you start to lose shingles during the occasional storm in Bay Park, it may be time for a replacement.

  • Roof Tile Damage

    Roof tiles are a nice aesthetic to your home though, over time the tiles are likely to encounter some type of damage due to the elements or when people walk on the roof. When you encounter cracked roof tiles, it is not only damaging the roof tile, but it is also likely causing damage to the underlying roof paper. And roof tiles are not the part of the roof that creates the water proofing, it is the roofing underlayment which is the roof paper. If you see damaged roof tiles, it is best to have the roof looked at and repaired as soon as able to prevent further damage.

  • Torch Down Or Cool roofing

    If your home has the entire roof or even just a section that has a low slope, it will need to have either torch down roofing or cool roofing materials installed. Over time on a flat roof, you can encounter prolonged water pooling. This in turn will cause possible roof leaks. With torch down roof installation, you do not want to see the seams lifter or peeling as that is a sign you can encounter a roof issue. This is the same with cool roofing. When you see seems that have separated or are peeling away, that means it is likely the time to have a new roof installation on your Bay Park home.

  • Damaged Flashing Or Caulking

    Roof flashing is a thin material that professional roofers use to direct water away from critical areas of the roof, wherever the roof plane meets a vertical surface like a wall or a dormer. Most flashing products are made of aluminum, copper, or galvanized steel. Caulking is installed around the edge of the flashing to seal the flashing to the brick or siding. Most flashing problems are repairable by either re-caulking or replacing the flashing. But again, if the shingles around the flashing are too old and brittle for a repair, it is time for a new roof.

  • Warped Appearance

    About 50% of all roofs that we replace in the Bay Park area have some sort of rotting or damaged wood underneath the surface. This usually occurs when leaks are not repaired fast enough. A small leak can cause a great amount of damage over time, and is often not noticed right away. By the time you do notice you have a leak, your roof deck may be rotten and give a warped or buckled appearance. Excessive areas of rotten wood could mean a new roof is needed.

New roof installation once we complete the new wood needed

If you notice any of the above signs, contact Unified Solar and Roofing to perform a free inspection. We will assess the level of damage done to your roof, and will determine if a replacement is needed.

Our Bay Park Roof Replacement Process

After you contact us, we will schedule a time to come out and give you a free estimate and consultation. Since no two roofs are alike, we will measure your roof and inspect all areas for damage before preparing an estimate. Once you hire Unified Solar and Roofing, we will give you an approximate timeframe for scheduling.

Everyone knows that Bay Park is such an aesthetically pleasing community, especially since it was recently voted the top place to live in San Diego. With this in mind, we understand you will want to get the color of your new roof just right. Our experienced technicians have years of industry experience and can help you choose the type of roofing material and color based on your preferences. Once the work has been completed, we will perform a ground clean up and final inspection to ensure your new roof meets your standards and our own.

Why Partner With Us for Your Bay Park Roof Replacement Needs?

Many factors separate Unified Solar and Roofing from the other roofing installation companies in the Bay Park area. First, the thoroughness of our roof installation process prevents mistakes that can reduce the quality of your new roof and eliminates the need for costly “do-overs” down the road. Our goal is to do the job right the first time — every time.

You can also trust our experience. Unified Solar and Roofing has earned a stellar reputation throughout Bay Park for performing top-notch roof replacement work at fair prices and delivering exceptional customer service from start to finish. All Unified Solar and Roofing technicians are highly trained, and will provide quality service and craftsmanship. We also offer roof repair in Bay Park and roof inspection services. To schedule your free roof replacement inspection, fill out our contact form or call us at (858) 382-4532.