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Commercial And Residential Roofing Inspection Services In Bay Park

Are you purchasing a home or property in the Bay Park area? If so, call Unified Solar and Roofing for a roofing inspection before you sign on the dotted line. Regardless of if you are a home buyer or commercial property investor, we can perform a comprehensive roof inspection on your prospective house or business before you buy, which could save you thousands of dollars on roof repairs or even worse a new roof replacement.

Do not make the mistake of investing in a Bay Park home or property before you get our thorough Bay Park roof inspection from Unified Solar and Roofing.

Roofing Manufacturers That We Commonly See During Our Inspections

Owens Corning is a common roofing material we see during our Bay Park roof inspection process
Roof inspection in Bay Park on this tile roof looking for any damage or needed roof repairs

Home Roof Inspection Services In Bay Park

During the roof inspection of your prospective Bay Park home, a Unified Solar and Roofing technician can determine if it has sustained any type of damage. A general home inspection will only take a superficial look at the roof, while we will evaluate the roof in great detail. Unified Solar and Roofing has skilled roof inspectors that will keep track of every repair needed or if the roof needs to be replaced, as well as the impact it may have on your future home purchase. After we complete the inspection, our team will provide you with a detailed report of our findings along with estimated costs for the work required. This report may be able to help you negotiate the price of your Bay Park home, or give you the opportunity to ask that the seller to replace the roof before you purchase.

Roof inspections are also a great idea if you’re listing your Bay Park home for sale. A thorough inspection conducted by one of our experienced roofers allows you to give potential home buyers a report stating the quality of your roof. This will allow negotiations to be fully transparent, and may result in a higher sales price.

Commercial roof inspection in Bay Park on a torch down roof that has had multiple roof repairs made in the past

Commercial Roof Inspection In Bay Park

United Solar and Roofing also provides comprehensive roof inspection services for commercial properties in Bay Park. Whether you need an evaluation of a potential property, or need an inspection of damages after a severe Bay Park storm on your existing property, we can take care of you and your business.
Day after day, year-round, your commercial property’s roof is exposed to the deteriorating effects of Bay Park’s elements- wind, sun, humidity, saltwater, etc. No matter when your commercial roof was installed, regular commercial roof inspections are the only way to measure its condition.

Our Bay Park commercial roof inspections is primarily for new building purchases to help ensure the buyer of what they are getting into. A good commercial roof inspection can be the difference if tens of thousands of dollars if you have extensive roof repairs required, or if the roof is going to need to be replaced. Knowing this when dealing with the sellers will allow for you or your company to negotiate based on our roof inspection findings.

Benefits Of Our Bay Park Roof Inspection Service

Here are just a few benefits of having your roof inspected by one of the trained professional roofers at Unified Solar and Roofing:

  • Catch Repairs Fast:

    With regular inspections, we can find and treat problems early on, before they cause excessive damage.

  • Savings:

    By catching issues early, you can save a lot of money in the long run by avoiding major repairs. Studies show regular inspections can save you up to 45% over the lifetime of your roof.

  • Expand Your Roof’s Lifespan:

    Regular inspections can add years to the lifespan of your roof and delay the need for a commercial roof replacement.

  • Better Planning:

    Inspections allow you to be in the know, all the time. This can improve your ability to budget by planning ahead for upcoming repairs.

  • Detailed Roof History:

    With the report that we provide at the end of an inspection, you will have a paper trail of your roof’s history. This will make it easier to file insurance claims in the future if needed.

  • Better Leverage for Negotiation:

    If you’re in the market to buy a commercial property in Bay Park, a roof inspection of your potential property will give you the knowledge you need before you purchase. Once you know the exact state of the roof in question, you’ll have better leverage for the negotiation process.

Our Roof Inspection Process

Unified Solar and Roofing technicians are trained to detect any and all damages as well as potential problem areas on your residential or commercial roof during the roof inspection process. A typical roof inspection includes:

  • Interior roof inspection to look for signs of leaks, rust, dry rot, etc.
  • Exterior building assessment to look for cracks, window leaks, faulty drains, etc.
  • Rooftop evaluation to examine the general condition of the roof, including low spots, rips, punctures, tears, mildew or moss, etc.

After the inspection, we will give you a detailed report and photographs of any problem areas we find. If there are damages that need to be repaired, we will also provide you with a range of recommended solutions, designed to fit your needs and budget.

The Leading Bay Park Company For Your Roof Inspection Needs

Regardless of if you’re looking for your forever home in Bay Park and need a roofing inspection before you purchase, or if you’re a commercial property owner in need of an inspection after a severe storm- Unified Solar and Roofing is here to help you. Our team proudly offers top quality residential and commercial roof inspections to homeowners and property owners in Bay Park. To schedule an inspection, fill out our contact form or call (858) 382-4532.

We can also help you with your Bay Park roof replacement and roof repair needs.