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Poway, San Diego, is a gorgeous place to raise a family and live a peaceful life in a country setting, but with all the conveniences of living in the city. The ranch houses, the bustling local economy, and the community have all made it a comfortable place to live. The vast eucalyptus groves and the chaparral at the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve help keep Poway’s panoramic view fresh. New technology like solar panels can help preserve the natural setting that you and your family are accustomed to.

As a top Solar company in Poway, you can rely on Unified Solar and Roofing to help you choose the finest solar panels for your Poway home or business. Regardless of who installed them or when they were installed, our certified solar specialists can also repair, inspect, and clean your solar panels. The sun and Unified Solar and Roofing are here to assist make your life a bit simpler, so take advantage of it while you can.

It doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming to switch from standard San Diego electricity to solar energy. Installation and repair won’t take long with our qualified and insured specialists, after a free quote, of course. You can keep your house and business comfortable, productive, and environmentally friendly using solar panels. Solar panels don’t depend on the grid, so you’ll never be caught off guard if there’s a blackout in the city.

A Few Solar Panel Manufacturers We Work With

WE offer QCells solar panels as a premier option for all Poway solar panel installation projects
LG Solar is another product we use for our Poway solar panel installation services
Solar panel installation in Poway using QCells panels and Enphase inverter on this tile roof

Poway Solar Panel Installation

Whether you’re a newcomer to Poway or have lived in the area for years, the style of homes, the natural surroundings, and the convenient access to amenities, your work, and shopping hubs make it one of the better places to live. But if your home is historic, modern, or just a place to stay, for now, you deserve clean, reliable electricity that stems from solar panels, which blend well into any style of home and add to your homes value.

To secure the safety of your property and the solar panels themselves, Unified Solar and Roofing has designed a method to keep your roof safe during your Poway solar panel installation. If your solar panels are installed by a competent expert, they will last longer and provide the best energy savings. DIY installations are prone to faults in the installation that might lead to long-term issues. You can’t even connect your solar panels to the grid if you don’t have an electrician’s license or proper permitting.

If you have any questions regarding how we work and how we can help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you choose Unified Solar and Roofing, your solar panels will be the best the industry provides along with having a knowledgeable solar and roofing company performing the Solar panel installation on your Poway home.

Poway Commercial Solar Panel Installation

With the tax credits that come with a Poway commercial solar panel installation, your business can’t afford to operate without efficient, reliable solar panels that reduce your carbon footprint and keep the lights on all day long, regardless of the weather. Whether you have a business in Old Poway Park or a shop on Midland Road, solar panels can fit neatly on your roof with a custom solar panel installation design from Unified Solar and Roofing.

Unified Solar and Roofing takes care of all aspects of your commercial solar panel installation in Poway, from plans and permitting, and the proper installation of your solar energy system. You won’t have to worry about anything when it comes to your Poway commercial solar panel installation.

Solar repair in poway on a tile roof with cracked solar panel from tree branch

Poway Solar Panel Repair

When you’ve got a plan to hike Potato Chip Rock or take on the Iron Mountain, you don’t want to worry about your solar energy system not working and what it will take to get them up and running again. Let Unified Solar and Roofing take care of any solar energy system repairs for your Poway home. While solar panels are durable, strong, and last many years, the weather can take its toll on these outside appliances. There are also occasions where your monitoring system will stop working or your panels are not producing they way they should be.

In the event of a failure or decline in the effectiveness of your solar panels, you may not need to replace them. Our experts have the skills to get them back up and running so that you won’t come home to a stuffy living room that needs cold air. Unified Solar and Roofing has seen it all when it comes to your Poway solar panel repair. You can rely on us to get the job done perfectly the first time around! Along with Poway solar panel repair, we also help with Inverter problems and monitoring issues. We are your Poway solar repair specialists.

Poway Commercial Solar Repair

Your Poway business provides many conveniences to the community. When your solar panels break, you need a convenient way to fix them that won’t interfere with your day-to-day operations. Unified Solar and Roofing can help you restore your solar panels to their full capacity with a professional Poway commercial solar panel repair. Should you need regular maintenance plans or a solar panel cleaning, feel free to give us a call. We’ll even give you a free estimate before you commit. We also offer commercial solar repair in Poway for your solar inverter and your solar monitoring by our trained solar repair technicians.

Solar battery installation in Poway using a NeoVolta battery storage unit

Poway Solar Battery Back-up Installation

Solar batteries are beneficial to store solar power in case your house does not use the whole amount produced by your solar panels during daylight hours. As long as your battery’s capacity allows, you won’t be compelled to use the old electric grid during peak hours, even if the sky is hazy or the clock strikes after midnight. A solar battery backup system can also be used to recharge electric vehicles. For our solar battery installation in Poway, we use NeoVolta solar battery back-up or Enphase solar battery units. Unified Solar And Roofing always takes each specific installation into consideration when providing quotes for your solar battery storage options.

Let Unified Solar And Roofing Help

Unified Solar And Roofing have built our company around the idea of providing high quality solar and roofing services from one company. No longer do you fear the sub-contractor or multiple businesses overseeing your solar or roofing. We are an all in one provider that gives you added protection and peace of mind. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our commercial or home solar panel installation, solar repair, and our solar battery back-up systems. We are here to help. Feel free to contact us by calling (858) 382-4532 or filling out our contact form. We are your go to solar company in Poway.