Solar Panel Repair

Unified Solar and Roofing understands that your solar panels are one of your biggest investments when it comes to your residential property. Our team of qualified, licensed solar technicians can provide expert solar panel repairs and restore your alternative form of electricity in almost no time at all. From start to finish, we’ll make sure all your questions are answered and that you understand how we fix your panels.

Broken wires and circuit breaker trips can be complicated to repair. But Unified Solar and Roofing’s licensed solar panel repair technicians have worked with many different solar panels and use their knowledge and experience to preserve your investment. Let us help you get back online. Call us today for a free estimate!


Solar panel repair due to cracked and damaged panel

Our Solar Panel Repair Services

Your solar panel system was meant to save you money and cut down on your carbon footprint by allowing you to use renewable solar power for your home. Solar panels are guaranteed to last many years. But what happens when a solar panel breaks or simply won’t work anymore?

Unified Solar and Roofing will send out licensed solar technicians to determine how bad the damage is on your panel and what needs to be fixed or replaced. These technicians have worked with all kinds of solar panels and are more than qualified to do both simple and complex repairs. Whether it’s an inverter or a sheet of glass, our experts can repair your investment and bring it back to its full capacity.

Solar panels don’t often need repairs, but it’s important to keep up with maintenance to make sure that a small problem doesn’t turn into an unfixable issue. Our team of inspectors can check on your panels once every six months to make sure they are in excellent condition and are running at the highest efficiency level.

Common Types Of Repairs Include

A professionally installed high-quality solar panel has the ability to last anywhere from 20-25 years. But when something goes wrong, it’s important to address the issue right away. Here are some normal problems to look out for as a solar panel owner.

  • Internal Corrosion

    Most solar panels are vacuum-sealed in order to prevent water from seeping into the structure of the panel. However, should this seal become loose, your panel might corrode quickly. An inspection would check the strength of the seal and make sure corrosion won’t happen.

  • Damaged Wiring

    A solar panel system is an electrical system. Wires can get loose, oxidation can occur, and electrical production could be hindered by a system that does not operate well.

  • Micro-Cracks

    Tiny cracks on the pane itself can be hard to spot with the naked eye. But these cracks can quickly become structural weaknesses and lead to other problems that might become costly. Bad weather and rapidly changing temperatures can cause these cracks to occur. Make sure to schedule an inspection to resolve these cracks right away.

  • Animal Damage

    Bird nests, squirrels, snails, ants, wasps–all of these can cause severe damage to the integrity of your solar panel. Our team of experts can offer several solutions depending on the kind of animal that likes your panels, including wire fences, traps, reflective paint, spikes, and more.

  • Roof Damage

    If your solar panels sit on your roof, there might be weaknesses on your roof that need to be addressed. Both our roofing technicians and our solar technicians can help determine what needs to be repaired so that both roof and solar panel systems are protected and stable.

How Much Do Solar Panel Repairs Cost?

The price tag on your solar panel repair bill will vary based on the amount of damage the panel has sustained over time. However, a free estimate from our skilled team of solar technicians can help you determine what you can afford and what needs to happen in order to get your solar panel back in peak condition. Unified Solar and Roofing will work with you to make sure your repair plan fits your needs and your budget.

Warranty Coverage

Any solar panel from one of our reliable solar panel manufacturers comes with a warranty. Your repair may be covered under that warranty, depending on the panel you chose, the type of repair needed, and the type of warranty that originally came with the panel. We can help you determine if your repair is covered.

Do I Need to Replace My Solar Panel?

Solar panels are generally very sturdy appliances that are built to withstand heat, cold, ice, winds, rain, snow, and hail. However, if you’ve let a small problem go for too long, experienced a once-in-a-lifetime weather event or storm, or if your solar panels are simply too old, it might be time to replace them. Our expert solar panel inspection can determine whether you need a quick fix, a full replacement, or another form of repair.

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