Solar Batteries

Unified Solar and Roofing offers quality solar batteries and replacement services for your solar panel system when you need it. Our qualified team of licensed solar technicians can help you determine the best solar batteries for you during your new solar installation and later if you need a solar backup battery replacement. We work with a wide variety of quality manufacturers to find the best brand of solar battery that suits your needs and fits your budget.

The sun doesn’t shine forever. When it goes down, or when there are storms, you’ll need solar backup batteries to provide you the renewable energy that keeps you away from expensive, traditional energy and reduces your carbon footprint. Unified Solar and Roofing understands your residential property or home needs a reliable source of energy when the sun isn’t out. Call us today for a free estimate!

Unified Solar and Roofing offers solar battery storage and solar battery back up systems

What Are Solar Batteries

Solar panel batteries store excess electricity made during the day when the sun is out and allow you to use them later when you need the electricity. They can be referred to as “deep cycle batteries” as well. These batteries are similar to car batteries and can store and disburse energy as needed.

Your solar battery’s capacity is related to the amount of electricity that your battery can store. The number that represents accessible or usable capacity in a battery can tell you how long the battery can power your home or property. Battery storage is typically measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). The length of time a battery can run will vary based on how electricity you need at one time. A solar battery that is only used for small appliances or one item will last longer than a solar battery used to power an entire room.

How many solar batteries will you need when you first install your solar panels? That depends. What do you need to run to maintain your quality of life at night? Whether its heating, air conditioning, electronics, or kitchen appliances, you’ll need to calculate an approximate energy use per day to answer this question.

Why Should I Replace My Solar Batteries?

Solar panels can last from anywhere between 20-25 years. But solar panel batteries last anywhere between 5 and 15 years. To keep up with the endurance of your solar panel system, you’ll need to replace the batteries at least once.

Some factors come into play when considering solar battery replacements. Solar panel owners should consider how often they use these batteries, where these batteries are stored, and whether or not their solar power system is regularly maintained.

Types of Solar Battery Back Up Systems

The life of your solar battery also depends on the type of battery you’ve chosen for your solar panel system. These batteries come in a variety of types. Below are some of the common types of batteries:

  • Lead-Acid Batteries

    Lead-acid batteries are often found in many forms of off-grid energy systems. They are budget-friendly, easy to find, and easily replaced. These batteries will need to be replaced more often than other forms of batteries due to their lower depth of discharge (DoD).

  • Lithium Ion Batteries

    Lithium-ion batteries are light, compact, and come with a long lifespan. These batteries are typically considered the gold standard in solar panel systems. Their DoD and capacity are higher than lead-acid batteries.

  • Saltwater Batteries

    Saltwater batteries are the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient batteries on the market. They don’t have heavy metals and are easy to recycle.

Inified Solar And Roofing offers Neovolta battery storage and battery back up

Our Solar Battery Partners

Unified Solar and Roofing provides quality solar batteries, both for installation and replacement. We’ve partnered with the best manufacturers in the market to keep your solar system in it’s best shape.

Some of the brands we provide include:

  • Enphase

    Enphase batteries rely on microinverters to keep the power flowing in your house throughout the night and when the sun isn’t out.

  • LG Chem

    LG Chem batteries offer a ten year warranty. These batteries are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Neovolta

    Neovolta batteries are suited for higher temperatures due to their reliance on iron instead of ion.

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