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Bay Park Solar Panel Repair

Unified Solar and Roofing helps the community of Bay Park, San Diego, with all their repairs for their solar panel systems. We are a licensed and insured solar contractor who understands your need for an efficient solar panel repair. Your Bay Park home relies on solar panels to keep the electricity running and keep utility bills low. Our team of experts can come out to your Bay Park home and answer any and all questions you may have while we repair your system We offer solar repairs for solar panels, micro-inverters, combiner boxes, and all electrical concerns to ensure that we can help you with a solution that is timely and cost effective.

Bay Park enjoys abundant sunshine in all of its beautiful neighborhoods. Make sure your solar panels are taking full advantage of all the natural energy and converting it into a usable resource. Unified Solar and Roofing will make sure to protect and restore your solar panel investment. As the experts, we’ve seen it all!

Our Bay Park Solar Panel Repair Services

Bay Park’s beautiful views benefit from well-functioning solar panel systems. The natural scenery relies on a continuous reduction in your carbon footprint to stay pristine and clear of pollutants. Solar panels make for a wonderful eco-friendly investment because they last for many years. However, if they break, you need an expert to bring them back to their optimal condition.

Unified Solar and Roofing provides an excellent customer service experience that answers your questions and helps you determine what needs to be fixed or replaced. Rely on our team of solar technicians to take good care of your solar panel system and bring it back online, regardless of whether you need electrical repair, replacement micro-inverter(s) or a replacement solar panel.

Common Solar Panel Repairs

A professionally installed high-quality solar panel has the ability to last anywhere from 25-30 years. But when something goes wrong, it’s important to address the issue right away. Here are some normal problems to look out for as a solar panel owner.

  • Internal Corrosion

    Most solar panels employ vacuum sealing to prevent water from entering the structure. If the seal gets loosened, your panel might degrade quickly, which is something you want to prevent. The tensile strength of the seal and the presence of corrosion would be assessed during an inspection.

  • Electrical Wiring

    A solar panel system is an electrical system, as the name implies. A malfunctioning system may cause wires to get entangled, oxidation to develop, and electrical generation to be hampered, all of which can be detrimental. You may even encounter electrical issues such as a faulty wire or some type of corrosion that can cause a short or loss of solar panel production.

  • Micro-Cracks

    The smallest fractures in the glass itself may be difficult to notice with the naked eye due to their tiny size and location. These cracks may quickly evolve into structural faults, which may then result in further difficulties that can be highly costly to perform a solar repair on your existing system. Inclement weather or rapidly changing temperatures may cause these cracks to form. Remember to schedule an inspection as soon as possible to get these cracks corrected as soon as feasible.

  • Animal Damage

    A solar panel’s integrity may be jeopardized by everything from bird nests to squirrels to snails to ants to wasps. We may use a number of methods to keep animals away from your panels, including wire fences, traps, reflective paint, spikes, and other devices depending on the species.

  • Roof Damage

    Your roof may have problems that need to be rectified if the solar panels are installed there.

In order to keep both the roof and solar panel systems secure and stable, our roofing and solar professionals may work together.

How Much Do Bay Park Solar Panel Repairs Cost?

Solar panel repairs don’t have to be a big investment for Bay Park residents. No matter how badly damaged your solar system is, we’ll give you a free quote so you know exactly how much it will cost to restore them back to working order. To ensure that your repair plan meets your goals and your budget, Unified Solar and Roofing will work with you to make adjustments as necessary.

Warranty Coverage

If Unified Solar and Roofing installed your solar panels, their warranties may cover your panels. A warranty is included with every solar system purchased from one of our reputable solar panel suppliers. We can assist you in determining whether or not your repair is covered by your insurance policy.

Do I Need to Replace My Solar Panel?

When it comes to solar panels, be sure to look for ones that are made to resist high temperatures and strong winds. No matter how bad the weather gets in Bay Park, a solar panel will always be able to last its whole useful life. You should replace your solar panels if you’ve neglected a minor issue for an extended period of time, if you’ve been through a severe weather event, or if your panels are just too old. Depending on the results of our in-depth solar panel examination, we may recommend an immediate fix, a new solar panel installation, or some other kind of repair.

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