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Offering Ceertainteed solar panels to our San Diego solar customers

Solar Energy Services San Diego

Solar panel installation in San Diego using QCell panels and Solaredge inverter

Solar Panels

Are looking to have solar panels installed in San Diego and want a company you can trust? Unified Solar And Roofing offers a variety of solar manufacturers to ensure you get the solar panel system that best suits your needs.

Solar Panel Repair

If you require a solar panel repair in San Diego regardless of the issue, Unified Solar and Roofing can help. Everything from solar panel replacement, inverter repair, or other electrical affecting your solar system.

Solar panel cleaning in San diego due to dirt and dust build up near the coast

Solar Panel Cleaning

With your San Diego solar panels, they will occasionally need to be cleaned. This is why Unified Solar And Roofing offers a solar panel cleaning service to help keep your panels operating optimally all year long.

San Diego solar batteries offered by Unified Solar And Roofing

San Diego Solar Batteries

We offer Enphase, LG Chem, And Neovolta battery storage

Unified solar And Roofing offers solar battery backup systems for all of our San Diego clients. This addition to your solar panel installation protects you when experiencing a power outage, giving you peace of mind that your family is not left in the dark. We help you ensure that the lights stay on during any unfortunate issues with the power grid or rolling black outs that occasionally happen in San Diego.

Commercial Solar Energy Services San Diego

San Diego commercial solar panel installation on an industrial building

Commercial Solar Panels

Unified Solar And Roofing offers commercial solar panel installation in San Diego for all types of commercial buildings, offices, and warehouses. Enjoy the federal rebates and the long term financial benefits of solar.

San Diego commercial solar panel repair due to cracked and damaged solar panel

Commercial Solar Panel Repair

Commercial solar panel repair in San Diego by Unified Solar And Roofing can help with a damaged panels, inverter issues, electrical issues, or anything else that may be affecting your commercial solar panel system.

San Diego commercial solar panel cleaning due to heavy dirt and debris buildup

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Commercial solar panel cleaning in San Diego means the difference in a significant energy loss when a large scale commercial solar system is dirty. We offer commercial solar cleaning programs to benefit your savings.

San Diego Solar Energy Service Areas

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Roofing Services San Diego

Roof Replacement

When you are in need of a roof replacement in San Diego, Our team can help! We are a licensed roofing contractor in San Diego that offers the best roofing installation and warranties.

Commercial roof repair in San Diego due to bad mastic that was causing leaks

Roof Repair

If you are dealing with a roof leak and you live in San Diego you may benefit from our roof repair service. We can help with a roof repair, saving you money and time. Best of all, it will get done correctly.

San Diego roof inspection service for home and business

Roof Inspections In San Diego

Businesses As Well As Home Roof Inspections

We offer San Diego roof inspection services for both commercial and residential homes. Our inspections help commercial keep an updated account of the overall condition of the roof and if maintenance is required. Our home roof inspections help new home buyers understand the condition of the roof on the home they are purchasing and if they will be encountering re-roofing or repairs in upon purchasing the home.

Commercial Roofing Services San Diego

San Diego roof replacement with Owens Corning asphalt shingles installed by Unified Solar And Roofing

Commercial Roof Replacement

If you have a commercial building in San Diego, We can help by offering a energy efficient, money saving roof replacement options. Unified offers commercial roofing for all types of buildings.

Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial roof repair in San Diego can help keep your investment protected without the expense and time. Our commercial roof repair also allows us to keep you informed on the roofs overall condition.