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Unified Solar and Roofing provides a high-quality San Diego solar cleaning service. Solar panel cleaning can keep your solar panels in good condition and help them function at their best for the rest of their lifespan. San Diego solar panels need to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep dirt and particles from hindering their functions. A professional cleaning can restore these panels to their maximum efficiency and help your family enjoy every aspect of these panels.

San Diego solar cleaning can help keep small problems that you may not notice from becoming big problems. Preventative maintenance keeps dirt from cracking glass and causing electrical damage to your panel. Our team of expert solar technicians can spot small repairs, inform you and your family, and help you devise a plan to address those problems. Don’t let dirt ruin your solar panel experience! Call today for a free estimate. And don’t forget that we also offer a wide variety of San Diego solar and roofing solutions to cover all of your rooftop needs.

Solar panel cleaning service providing a clean solar panel to help prevent solar production loss

San Diego Solar Panel Cleaning for Your Home

Solar panels can withstand most natural elements. San Diego doesn’t provide a hostile climate to solar panel systems either: the heat is manageable, and it almost never freezes. However, your solar panels will need occasional maintenance to keep them running at their best level. If you invested in a solar panel system, chances are you wanted to save money on your utilities and avoid using energy sources that create greenhouse gases. If your solar panels don’t use all of that San Diego sun, you might find that you need to rely on traditional utilities more than you want to.

Wind and animals can also bring dirt and dust that gets in the way of your solar panels’ proper function. These kinds of dirt that affect panels include:

  • Bird Droppings

    Finches, mockingbirds, and jays love the city of San Diego. But they shouldn’t love living on your solar panels. Your solar panels may be impacted by bird nests and perches on your panels. Droppings may do a lot of harm, particularly to the inverters that power solar panels. Owners of solar panels have discovered that bird droppings may interfere with the inverters in certain cases. Prevent it from becoming worse by making an appointment for a cleaning right away.

  • Air Pollution

    Dust and smog build on the glass that protects your solar panel. They prevent the silicon from absorbing the maximum amount of sunlight possible during the daytime. Depending on whether you reside in an industrial area, or if there has been construction down the street, it is possible that some dirt has made its way to your solar panel installation. Furthermore, particles such as dust may reduce the performance of your solar panels by as much as 5 percent, depending on their size.

  • Water

    If your solar panels sit at a flat angle, water can collect on the glass and leave behind mud and puddles of standing water. You might need your panels to be angled slightly so that water can run off, instead of leaving behind residue.

    Solar panels that go without cleaning can lose up to 20 percent of their efficiency over time. Furthermore, dirt and animals can cause minor damage that could easily blossom into a large, expensive repair.

    Solar panels do convert solar energy into usable electricity. A dirty panel might cause some electrical problems down the road if not addressed immediately. Small cracks can let dirt and water into the panel, causing problems and potentially leading to electrocution. You can avoid all of this with regular cleaning.

A Few Of The Solar Manufacturers Panels That We Often Clean

QCells are one of the solar products that we often perform solar panel cleaning on in San Diego
LG solaris another company that we provide our San Diego solar panel cleaning for

How Often Should I Get a San Diego Solar Cleaning?

Solar panels need regular cleaning. Solar cleaning can help you keep them at their best for the rest of their lifespan. Generally, solar experts recommend that you clean your solar panels at least once every six months to a year. However, if you start to see buildup before it’s time for your regularly scheduled cleaning, you should change the number of cleanings per year. Our team of cleaning specialists can help determine the right cleaning schedule for you and your budget.

Our San Diego Solar Panel Cleaning Service Explained

Unified Solar and Roofing provides a thorough San Diego solar cleaning service. We protect the integrity of your panels and remove all dirt and sludge from their framework. We use non-abrasive materials to avoid creating micro-cracks in the glass and ensure that no water enters the panel itself. Our skills with electricity ensure that no harm comes to your panels or your house. Meanwhile, our excellent customer service provides answers to all your questions throughout the entire process.

Unified Solar And roofing also provides professional solar panel installation and solar panel repair services. We are an all in one go to company for all of your solar and roofing needs. And we do not use sub-contractors.

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