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About Unified

Unified Solar And Roofing is a company that was started by three friends who grew up in the same neighborhoods and went to the same high school. Over the years progressing into our working lives, two of the owners became specialists in their specific trade. One being electrical and the other roofing. This allowed the two to learn everything about their specific industry all while taking advantage of their hard work to help build them into successful business owners. The third was also in the trades but early on, learned about the value of the internet. This led him into building a web design and marketing company to help himself and other friends build their brands online.

Having An Epiphany

One day when we all met up for lunch, Eric was explaining the overwhelmingly high requests his roofing customers were asking about. These customers were in need of a roof replacement or roof repair though, there was existing solar panels on the roof. He also explained to us that a large percentage of solar companies were not doing the roofing work themselves but using sub-contractors or other roofing companies to do that scope of work.

This issue led to us realizing that there was a need for a company that could provide both of these services in house helping to prevent issues with a homeowner having to deal with multiple companies whenever there was an issue. The classic he said she said scenario. We all came to the conclusion that we can build a company that specializes in both roofing and solar that would offer our customers convenience and security by dealing with one provider and not multiple.

Meet Our Team

Eric Richardson

Partner - Head Of Roofing
Brian Rhew

Brian Rhew

Partner - Head Of Solar And Electrical

Kevin Bowman

Partner - Marketing Manager

Robert Garnier

Lead Estimator

Mark Dice

Lead Estimator