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Expert Residential Roof Inspections

Do you think your roof is damaged, but it’s too hard for you to tell? Has it been more than six months since you’ve had a roof inspection? The answer to any questions you may have about your roof can be found within a roofing inspection done by a professional roof inspector. Unified Solar and Roofing can step onto your roof and tell you exactly what needs to happen.

We perform both commercial and residential roofing inspections throughout the year. These inspections provide written and oral reports that detail our findings and give you the information you need to plan your decisions when it comes to your roof.

Inspecting Your Roof’s Materials

Your roofing materials play a key role in our quality roof inspections. The condition of your roof will depend on how old these materials are and how much time they have left. Some of these materials will be damaged depending on the weather in your region, the animals that live around your house, and how well these materials stand up to certain conditions like heat and ice.

Different roofing materials provide strengths and weaknesses that can prolong or cut short the lifespan of your roof. Our inspectors have spent many years working with these materials and can take into account all the factors needed to make professional observations and expert recommendations.

And if you need help with any other roofing, don’t worry! We offer a large variety of roofing services to help anyone in need.

Checking for damage on the roof from the solar panel install during our professional roof inspection process

The most common roofing materials and their strengths and weaknesses are:

  • Asphalt Shingles

    Most homes have asphalt shingles on their roofs. These shingles are inexpensive, versatile, and durable. These kinds of shingles last around 20 years and will most likely need repairs toward the end of their natural lifespan.

  • Slate Shingles

    Slate shingles, if properly maintained, can last almost 100 years. They are incredibly durable and weather resistant. However, if you’ve experienced hail or ice storms in the last year, your slate shingles might have suffered some side effects, such as cracks. Furthermore, since these roofs are on the higher end of your price range, they will need care to ensure that your investment lasts as long as you need it to.

  • Clay and Concrete Tile

    These kinds of roofs also last a long time. However, they can outlast the underlayment, which needs to be replaced or re-felted to prevent water damage to both the house and the structure of the roof. Furthermore, these tiles are heavy and can sometimes weaken the structure of the roof over time, causing problems in the long run.

  • Green and Flat Roofs

    These kinds of roofs are often found in city structures, schools, office buildings, and museums. They are expensive, but last a long time and can help keep the buildings cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They have the added benefit of reducing both air and noise pollution. They often have their own ecosystems with plants, wildlife, and water drainage. These roofs will have to be checked from time to time to find weaknesses in the structure, water damage, and mold.

Roof Inspections To Determine The Roof’s Craftsmanship

Unified Solar and Roofing makes sure to look at the craftsmanship behind your roof. The quality of the work done can affect how long your roof lasts and what it can stand up to, for better or for worse. This part of the inspection looks at the underlayment, the exposure, and recommended manufacturer’s techniques and whether or not they were followed in the installation process.

Sometimes, a poor roofing installation process can leave damage behind on the structure of the roof or the shingles themselves. Nails or shoes can puncture shingles, creating holes and leaks. An inspection not only looks at the condition of the roof, but also determines the source of the problems.

What Happens After Your Residential Roofing Inspection

All problems are well-documented during an inspection, including pictures and detailed descriptions of what was found on your roof. These inspections come with a list of recommendations, services, and an estimated cost (if necessary) of the repairs that may be needed.

If you simply prefer an oral report after the visual inspection, let us know. These reports do not include pictures, written reports, or estimates. Regardless of what you need, our skilled team of experts can work with you and ensure that you receive the knowledge you need to move forward. Should you prefer to work with Unified Solar and Roofing, we can repair your roof or replace it if necessary.

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