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San Diego Commercial Solar Installation

Looking for commercial solar panels San Diego? Unified Solar and Roofing provides a professional San Diego commercial solar installation for your business that relies on our team of licensed, experienced solar technicians. We know your solar panel system is one of your biggest investments, and we are ready to help you make that transition from traditional utilities to the reliable, renewable energy source that solar panel systems harness. Is your business ready to take advantage of solar panels and commit to sustainability?

All potential customers can request a free estimate from our team of experts to gather the information they need before investing. With all the tax credits available, solar panel costs don’t have to mean paying more. Furthermore, San Diego is one of the top cities in the U.S. for solar panels. The city currently ranks number 1 in solar energy capacity nationwide. Save on your utility bills and taxes and switch to solar panels for your business. We are not only a commercial solar panel installation company. We also offer complete San Diego solar and roofing solutions.

San Diego commercial solar installation on a ground mount system for a school

Quality Commercial Solar Installation Services In San Diego

Most of the commercial buildings in San Diego are already perfect for solar panel installation, with their flat roofs and accessibility to abundant sunshine throughout the year. Unified Solar and Roofing’s professional solar panel installation services include assistance in getting San Diego city permits for your commercial solar panel system. Furthermore, our team will design the most energy-efficient layout to gather the maximum amount of sunlight available to keep the lights on and the air conditioning running.

Worried about the hassle of closing your business for solar panel installation? It doesn’t have to be that complicated. Our team of solar technicians provides a quick and efficient experience that allows your business to continue running and maintains the quality of the service. We’ll keep your investment protected and install them to thrive for years to come. Our team can also keep your roof protected throughout the process.

Our customer service team in sales can help answer any and all questions from start to finish. You will be informed and approve all steps taken throughout the installation. Your employees and customers alike will also hardly notice our presence. No interruptions will be made for the sake of the installation.
A San Diego commercial solar panel system saves you money over the course of decades. Furthermore, with a financing option, you might not have to pay capital upfront for your quality installation plan. Ask us about financing and payment plans during your free estimate! Commercial solar panels in San Diego will greatly reduce your need to be tied to the grid and give you more freedom for how you consume energy.

A Few San Diego Solar Manufacturers We Work With

QCells solar panels option for our San Diego solar customers
CertainTeed solar panel option for San Diego solar customers

Quality San Diego Commercial Solar Panel Manufacturers

Unified Solar and Roofing relies on the top solar manufacturers to provide commercial properties the quality solar panels that meet their needs. Below are some of the panel manufacturers we use:

  • QCells Solar Panels

    Passive Emitter Rear Cells (PERC) are used to construct Q-Cells. These panels have been rigorously tested and are meant to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Since 2012, the firm has produced approximately 2.5 billion solar cells.

  • CertainTeed Solar Panels

    CertainTeed solar panels offer multiple benefits when it comes to your businesses solar energy. They offer a product that can be combined with your new CertainTeed roof replacement along with a solar panel for your San Diego property that provides an affordable solution that speeds up the return on your investment.

  • Silfab Solar Panels

    In order to meet your demands and the needs of your employees and customers, Silfab provides a wide range of solar panel solutions. For the past 10 years, Silfab Solar has been active in the North American market.

  • Solaria Solar Panels

    With their creative and patented technology, Solaria has delivered 20 years of solar energy to the United States, paving the path for other solar panel systems in the process. There is a 25-year warranty on the panels sold by this manufacturer, so your system will be protected from financial loss.

Types of San Diego Commercial Panels Available

Solar power can come from many different types of solar panels. These panels range in price, durability, and efficiency, as well as customization for different types of roofs. Some of the more common types include:

  • Monocrystalline Panels

    These panels take one pure silicon crystal and cut it into wafers to create an entire panel. They appear dark black. Experts consider them as the most durable solar panels. These panels provide high levels of energy throughout the day into your home, backup batteries, and into the grid.

  • Polycrystalline Panels

    Polycrystalline panels don’t cost as much because they don’t waste as much silicone as monocrystalline panels do, making them a budget-friendly option for your home. These panels are made from several different silicon crystals that are then melted and poured into a square mold. However, these panels are not as well-suited to higher temperatures and are not as efficient as monocrystalline panels.

  • Thin Film Panels

    These panels consist of thin, flexible layers that do not require a frame backing. They are light and easy to install and come in custom sizes based on your roof space or wherever you want to install panels.

Solar Panel Credits and Rebates

Take advantage of tax incentives and subsidies for companies that utilize alternative energy if you plan to install solar panels. Up until 2024, the federal government will provide property owners who put up solar panels a tax credit. While California has yet to make the installation of solar panel systems mandatory for new commercial buildings, but the California Energy Commission recently authorized a plan to do so. Prepare your business for the future by putting in a green, dependable energy source today!

Choose Unified Solar And Roofing

When thinking commercial solar panels San Diego, Unified Solar And Roofing is a one stop shop for your commercial solar panel installation in San Diego. We can also help even more as our solar panel installation crew are also roofing specialists and this ensures that every commercial solar panel system we install will not damage your roof or void your roofing warranties. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with one of our estimators, call us at (858) 382-4532 or fill out our contact form and we will contact you. And don’t forget that we also offer professional commercial solar panel repair in San Diego