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Unified Solar and Roofing offers a quality San Diego solar panel installation for solar panels of all shapes and sizes. Solar panels require a professional installation from solar companies in order to keep them in their best condition throughout the span of their life. Otherwise, faulty installation leads to years of repairs and problems that prevent you and your family from enjoying the fruits of your investment.

Solar panels can add value to your residential property because of their ability to harness energy from the sun and turn it into electricity for your home. They can tangibly increase your home’s value by 4.1 percent.

The state of California also passed a bill in 2020 that requires new homes to have solar panels installed. So whether you are building a new home or adding to the value of your old home, Unified Solar and Roofing, a licensed and insured solar company, can add to your property’s value and help you get the solar panels that fit your needs the best. We can also help by providing a wide variety of San Diego solar and roofing solutions for your rooftop.

New solar panel installation in San Diego using QCells solar panels

Quality San Diego Solar Panel Installation

Our professional San Diego solar panel installation services provide a quick and efficient experience that protects your investment and puts your panels in the best position to thrive. Licensed technicians can install solar panels on almost any kind of roof without damaging the roof or the panels.

Since the city of San Diego requires a Residential Rooftop-Mounted Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Permit before adding one to your home, our team of solar providers near San Diego can help you determine whether or not you’re approved, and can help you apply for a permit before installation. Separate permits are also required for battery and charging systems. Unified Solar and Roofing can help with all of these permits and get your solar system installed in a quick and efficient manner.

Choose a Professional San Diego Solar Panel Installation

If you’re considering installing your solar panels yourself, you may save money at first. But you won’t be able to connect to your traditional electric grid without permits filed by a professional solar technician or electrician. You also enjoy the coverage that comes with a warranty, and you won’t have the experience that a licensed solar technician would be able to provide during the complex installation process. For the best results, we recommend using professional installation services.

Our San Diego solar panel installation process is non-intrusive and works with the comfort level of your family. We know the last thing you want to hear is workers on your roof in the morning. That’s why we’ll create a plan with you and your family to ensure an efficient timeline and answer all of your questions throughout the process.

QCells solar panel installation in San Diego by Unified
LG solar panel installation San Diego by Unified

Premium Solar Panel Manufacturers

Unified Solar and Roofing as a solar company relies on top solar manufacturers. Residential homes and properties need quality solar panels. Below are some of the panel manufacturers we use for residential properties:

  • Q-Cells

    Q-Cells are built using Passive Emitter Rear Cell technology (PERC). These panels undergo a rigorous testing process and can survive natural wear and tear. The company has built over 2.5 billion solar cells since 2012.

  • LG

    With a 25-year limited warranty, LG panels are also built to last and provide many options for homeowners and residential property owners who are considering solar panel installation. These panels have won several awards in the last two years. They also come with financing options.

  • Silfab Solar

    Silfab offers multiple solar panel options to fit your needs and the needs of your residents or family. These premium solar panel manufacturers have been operating in North America for the past ten years.

  • Solaria

    Solaria has provided 20 years of solar power to the United States, including their innovative and patented technology that has helped pave the way for other solar panel systems. This company also offers a 25-year warranty on their panels. This warranty helps keep your system running without hitting your bank account when its time for solar repairs.

San Diego Solar Panel Installation Tax Credits and Rebates

If you plan to install solar panels in San Diego, take advantage of the tax credits and rebates available. The government encourages alternative energy use among homeowners. The federal government currently offers a tax credit for homeowners who installed solar panels up until 2024.

Furthermore, California’s net energy metering incentive allows homeowners to make back their investment in their solar panels. Utilities owned by investors must buy excess solar electricity from homeowners at retail rates. The NEM 2.0 program allows you as a homeowner to sell the extra energy you don’t need. Power companies can buy from you for up to 20 years after installation.

Our team of San Diego solar technicians can help you determine what you qualify for from these available credits.

Don’t forget that we also provide San Diego solar panel repair, and solar battery back up systems.

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