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Carmel Valley Roofing Inspection By A Licensed And Insured Roofing Contractor

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Carmel Valley Roof Inspection By Unified Solar And Roofing

Your roof plays a significant role in protecting your home or building from damage. Despite its importance, some Carmel Valley home and property owners tend to overlook the importance of roofing inspections, exposing their property to extensive avoidable damage. The most effective way to enhance the lifespan of your roof and ensure that it is in good condition is through regular roof inspections.

Whether you own a home or business in Carmel Valley, Unified Solar and Roofing’s qualified roofers can provide professional inspection services.

Benefits of A Roofing Inspection By A Roofing Contractor

  • Knowing What your Buying:

    Upon entering escrow on a new home purchase in Carmel Valley, do not rely on the home inspection alone. Have a licensed and insured roofing contractor out to perform your Carmel Valley roof inspection. This gives you a perspective from people that have decades of experience and can provide you with value in understanding the overall condition of the existing roof. With a roof being such a large value and that it protects your loved ones and property, it is in your best interest to trust the professionals. Unified Solar And Roofing provides these inspections to make sure you have a good peace of mind upon purchasing your new home.

  • Better Leverage:

    If you’re in the market for a home or property in the Carmel Valley area, we suggest contacting Unified Solar and Roofing for a roof inspection before signing on the dotted line. Unlike home inspections, a roof inspection focuses solely on the roof. After the inspection of the roof on your potential property or house, we will provide you with a detailed report stating its condition and the costs you may incur for the roof upon purchasing this home. If this report states different findings than the regular home inspection, it could help you save thousands of dollars during the negotiation process.

  • Helps Detect Roof Damage:

    Roof damage allows moisture to build up in your house, damaging wallpapers, paint, wall lining, and curtains. The dampness also develops mold, dust mites, and fungi, which exposes you and your family, customers, tenants, etc. to the risk of many health issues. At Unified Solar and Roofing, we can examine your roof to identify damaged areas then report on the findings.

  • Good Investment:

    Home and property owners in Carmel Valley usually ignore getting regular roof inspections to avoid spending money. Some also opt to inspect and repair damages for themselves to avoid hiring professional services. While this method may save money in the short run, you will eventually spend more to repair damages only a trained eye can see. On the other hand, getting roof inspection services from Unified Solar and Roofing will help you manage minor roof damage before it turns into a much bigger issue. Additionally, regular inspections will extend the lifespan of your roof and prevent premature replacement.

  • Documentation For Insurance Claim:

    Extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorms, high winds, and hurricanes can occur out of nowhere and damage even the most durable roofing material. In some cases, the effects of the damage may take time to show, which makes it very difficult to file an insurance claim. Getting your commercial or residential roof inspected by a Unified Solar and Roofing professional after harsh weather conditions will help you identify damages and request compensation. After we conduct an inspection, we will give you a detailed report explaining the nature and extent of damage and the estimated repair cost. This statement will support an insurance claim.

A Carmel Valley roof inspection that also has solar panels on the roof

Our Carmel Valley Roof Inspection Process

During an inspection, a Unified Solar and Roofing inspector will  do a full evaluation of the overall condition of the roof. We look at all of the roof penetration’s, the valleys to where different pitches meet, the chimney, facia board, and anything else that catches our eye. regardless if it is a tile roof which most are in Carmel Valley or any other type of roofing. We will do a thorough evaluation to ensure that you know exactly what it is that you are dealing with along with a cost breakdown of and roof repairs or roof replacement needs.

Once the inspection is complete, we will give you a detailed report and photographs of any problem areas we find. If there are damages that need to be repaired, we will also provide you with a range of recommended solutions, designed to fit your needs and budget.

Roofing Manufacturers We Work With

Owens Corning is a type of roofing that we look at during our Carmel Valley roof inspection services
Eagle tile is a common roof tile that we see during our Carmel Valley roof inspection service

Choose Us For Your Carmel Valley Roof Inspection Needs

Hiring the services of a professional roof inspector can save you money and stress in the long run. At Unified Solar and Roofing, we offer reliable roof inspection services for home or commercial property owners in Carmel Valley. We can help you identify roof damage such as roof leaks, poor drainage, failing tile or shingles, sliding or broken roof tiles, and other issues that may jeopardize the roof. Contact us today to schedule a professional commercial or residential roof inspection appointment. You can call us direct at (858) 382-4532 or fill out our contact form and we will reach out to you.