Commercial Solar Panels

Unified Solar and Roofing offers commercial solar panels that allows your business to take advantage of solar energy and reinforce its commitment to sustainability. Solar power is a smart energy solution that lowers your traditional utility cost, raises your reputation, and slashes your carbon footprint. Our team of trusted solar technicians has worked with many types of commercial solar installation processes and is ready to help you with your transition from traditional utilities to solar energy. Whether you own a business, school, or museum, your organization can make the leap forward with solar energy.

Unified Solar and Roofing provides all potential customers with a free estimate so they have the information they need to plan ahead. With the tax credits available, solar panel installation costs don’t have to be hefty. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

Tech checking on our new commercial solar installation by Unified solar And Roofing

Quality Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Unified Solar and Roofing’s professional commercial solar panel installation services provide a quick and efficient experience that protects your investment and puts your panels in the best position to thrive. Licensed solar technicians can install solar panels on almost any kind of roof without damaging the roof or the panels.

Most commercial properties are already primed for solar panel installation. Flat roofs and open parking lots offer plenty of space for solar panels of any shape and size. Our team of experts can help design a custom implementation and installation plan for your business that works with the design of your buildings and creates the most energy-efficient layout designed to collect the maximum amount of sunlight.

Our installation process avoids interruptions to your day-to-day business proceedings. We’ll make sure any and all questions are answered with our excellent customer service and our in-depth installation plan. You will approve all steps taken throughout the course of the installation. What’s more, your employees and your customers will hardly notice our presence during the process.

A solar panel system saves you money over the course of decades. Furthermore, with a financing option, you might not have to pay capital upfront for your quality installation plan. Ask us about financing and payment plans during your free estimate!


Solar Panel Manufacturers We Offer

Unified Solar and Roofing relies on the top solar manufacturers to provide properties the quality commercial solar panels that meet their needs. Below are some of the panel manufacturers we use:

  • Q-Cell

    Q-Cells are built using Passive Emitter Rear Cell technology (PERC). These panels undergo a rigorous testing process and are built to survive all kinds of harsh weather conditions and natural wear and tear. The company has built over 2.5 billion solar cells since 2012.

  • LG

    With a 25-year limited warranty, LG panels are also built to last and provide many options for property owners who are considering solar panel installation. These panels have won several awards in the last two years. They also come with financing options.

  • Silfab Solar

    Silfab offers multiple solar panel options to fit your needs and the needs of your employees and customers. These premium solar panel manufacturers have been operating in North America for the past ten years.

  • Solaria

    Solaria has provided 20 years of solar power to the United States, including their innovative and patented technology that has helped pave the way for other solar panel systems. This company also offers a 25-year warranty on their panels which can help keep your system running without hitting your bank account.

Commercial Solar Panel Credits and Rebates

If you plan to install commercial solar panels, take advantage of the tax credits and rebates available for businesses that use alternative energy. The federal government currently offers a tax credit for property owners who installed solar panels up until 2024. Some states and cities also offer tax credits for those who have installed or use solar power. Make sure you know what your state offers! Our team of technicians can help you determine what you qualify for from these available credits.

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