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Residential Roof Repair When You Need It

Your house is your castle. It deserves to be treated and maintained by the best experts who know how to keep it in shape. Unified Solar and Roofing offers superior roofing services, including inspection and repairs, to make sure your roof can last its full lifespan.

Our quality customer service experience can help you every step of the way as you determine what your roof needs and the best way to repair it and maintain it. Every repair will be made with expert craftsmanship and top-of-the-line materials to seamlessly blend into the rest of your roof. Our roof company uses products from industry-leading manufacturers, such as Duro-Last, Owens Corning, and GAF.

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Common Residential Roofing Problems

Even if your roof is in excellent condition, Mother Nature will always find a way to wreak havoc on its shingles. Many homeowners have to deal with leaks, weather damage, missing shingles, or other problems during the course of a roof’s life. Most experienced roofing contractors know how to make these problems go away in a short time frame. Not only are we a roofing repair company, we also offer a wide variety of roofing services to cover all of your needs.

clay tile roof that required a roof repair due to broken tiles

Roof Leaks

Most roofing repairs happen because water leaks from the roof into the house and causes damage to the building’s structure and drywall. Loose shingles, cracked tiles, punctures, and cracked flashing can all allow water to creep in and slowly weaken the rest of your home. Gutters, skylights, low parts or valleys, and areas near chimneys are at the highest risk for damage that could lead to a leak.

If you have discolored walls, mold in the attic, a steady drip every time it rains, or unexpected dampness, your roof may have a leak. An estimate can determine if the cause comes from your roof and what you will need to fix it. For roofing contractors, roof leak repair can be quick and easy.

Pooled Water

Water has a tendency to collect and make puddles, especially in gutters and low places on your roof. The weight can hurt the roof’s structure, the water can weaken shingles and wood, and eventually, the water itself can come into the house. There are solutions for allowing water to run off the roof and onto the ground when it rains. See if your roof is eligible for these solutions.

Tree and Animal Damage

Woodpeckers, squirrels, and other animals can leave punctures in your roof that can cause holes and leaks. Animal nests can also leave damage behind. We can both remove the nests and fix whatever the animals did to the roof so that their residence doesn’t leave a lasting mark on your home.

Trees also have the capability to smash parts of the roof, even with simple sticks and small branches. Wet piles of leaves on the roof can bring about decay and rot if they are left there long enough.

Wind Damage

Heavy winds can cause the granules above the shingles to wear out over time. The gusts can loosen shingles and even remove them. The longer these repairs go unaddressed, the more likely they’ll turn into bigger repairs.

Do You Need Residential Roofing Repair or Re-Roofing?

Any of the above problems, or any other problem, might cause you to consider a roofing repair or roof replacement. While some roofs are beyond repair and need to be replaced, other roofs simply need tender loving care from experienced roofing contractors.
If the inspection reveals the damage that simply cannot be repaired or damages that would cost more than a roof replacement, our inspectors will recommend a roof replacement over repairs. But no contractor will try to sell you a new roof when a repair will fix it and keep it in good condition.
Our roof company will always find the best solution for you and your family. We recommend preventative maintenance measures that will keep your roof in the best condition it can be. Together, we can make your roof functional again.

Roof Repairs Available for Many Types of Roofs

Our team of qualified, expert roofers has worked on a wide range of advanced roofing jobs and on roofs of all kinds. We know our way around different roof types and roofing materials. No matter what your roof is made of, we can help.

How Much Will a Residential Roof Repair Cost?

Your first question will always be, “How much will this roof repair cost me?” The cost varies based on different factors. We will always try to give you a plan that both fits your budgeting needs and addresses the repairs that your roof requires.

The factors that affect the cost of your repair are:

  • The current state of your roof
  • The current state of your roof
  • What type of roof you have and the materials used to make the roof
  • Your roof’s age and life expectancy

Our estimators will make sure to give you a free estimate before you commit to any repairs. We also suggest getting an inspection before requesting an estimate, since this process will help both you and the roofing team understand what is needed.

Free Estimates For Residential Roofing Repair

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