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Commercial Roofing Services Offered By Unified

Unified Solar and Roofing contractors provide commercial roofing installation, roof repair and maintenance programs to help you maintain or replace the existing roof on your commercial property. We understand that commercial roofing can seem very complex, as it involves different preventive options, application methods, and costly materials. This is why our team of specialists stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends so we can provide the following services to your commercial business in a professional and cost effective manner. Along with our commercial roofing, we also offer a wide variety of roofing services to help all of  our valued customers.

Duro Last energy efficient cool roofing for a commercial roof replacement

Commercial Roof Replacement Options For Your Property

Our team of experts at Unified Solar and Roofing can determine if you need a commercial roof replacement or a possible repair. It may be time for a replacement if your roof has multiple leaks or the roofing material has reached its life expectancy and is showing cracks or damage.

Some key factors that should be considered before deciding on a replacement roof for your commercial property include:

  • Wind and water resistance- what elements is your property exposed to?
  • Level of maintenance- will your roof need frequent repairs or patching?
  • Warranty- does your roof come with a manufacturer’s warranty?

Unified Solar and Roofing provides several different types of roofing materials, in a variety of colors and shapes, to complement the style of your commercial property. Some of the materials we offer include asphalt shingles, concrete tile, clay tile, synthetic shakes, natural stone slate and flat roof materials. Based on your answers to the above questions, we can help you decide on the best roofing option for your commercial property.

It is important to note that only licensed roofing contractors have the skills, experience, and liability protection to perform a commercial roof installation on your building. Choosing to hire a non-licensed roofing contractor can put you and your business at risk for costly liabilities. To ensure a smooth process for your commercial roofing replacement, choose a licensed and fully insured company like Unified Solar and Roofing.

Commercial Roofing Repair For Your Property

If your commercial property has a visible leak or stain, it is usually an indicator that a commercial roof repair is needed. Our experienced roofers at Unified Solar and Roofing can provide roof repair for office buildings, retail locations, warehouses, churches, industrial buildings, restaurants, apartment complexes, HOAs and more.

Some repairs can be fixed on the spot by our team of roofers, while others can take a little more time. For those extensive repairs, our professional contractors can provide a written estimate for any project and answer any questions you may have about your commercial roof repair needs. Additionally, our team will work with you to make sure that the commercial repair of your property is not a major disturbance to you or your employees or tenants.

Issues left untreated, such as vent pipes leaks and broken, cracked, or missing tiles and shingles can cause damage in the long run. At Unified Solar and Roofing, we will detect and repair issues at the source, without taking any shortcuts. We also pride ourselves on our environmental standards. Our team keeps every aspect of a project as “Green” as possible by recycling old roofing products after removal.

Repairing commercial roofing problems correctly can significantly decrease your future roofing costs. When you use a professional roofing company like Unified Solar and Roofing, you can prolong the replacement time of your commercial roof and avoid ongoing costs caused by faulty repairs.

Commercial Roof Maintenance For your Property

In our industry, we have seen a lot of faulty repairs made by management and maintenance staff members who meant well. Many times, these well-intentioned repairs create future issues that would have otherwise been avoided. It is also important to note that repairs made by unlicensed roofers may void any existing warranty that you have on your commercial property. This is why it is so important to choose a fully insured and licensed roofing contractor like United Solar and Roofing.

Our experienced roofers at Unified Solar and Roofing can provide commercial roofing maintenance and inspection services for commercial property owners, property managers, homeowner associations, and commercial business owners.

During our maintenance process, we will inspect the interior of your commercial roof for moisture intrusion. After this, one of our commercial roofers will check the condition of the roof’s exterior and take note of any signs of disrepair. Once we are finished inspecting the interior and exterior of your property’s roof, we will provide a detailed report of the roof’s overall condition

To ensure the durability and longevity of your commercial roof, Unified Solar and Roofing offers several different maintenance programs on a biannual or annual basis based on the needs of your commercial property.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Whether you need a commercial roof repair, replacement, or simply a maintenance plan to extend the life of the roof on your property- our commercial roofing team is here to help. We also provide roof inspections for new property buyers and existing owners. Our expert roofers at Unified Solar and Roofing will ensure quality assistance with all commercial roofing questions, problems and concerns. To schedule a complimentary estimate, please fill out our contact form or call us for immediate service .