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The Jewel of America’s finest city, La Jolla, presents a compelling argument for why residents and businesses alike should preserve the natural habitat. Beautiful coasts and picturesque shores give celebrities, surfers, golfers, and everyone else a gorgeous background for their activities. Museums, universities, villages, and the aquarium are all a part of this great suburb. Preserving this area shouldn’t be hard, especially with La Jolla solar panels to reduce your carbon footprint and your cost of living at the same time.

Unified Solar and Roofing is a La Jolla solar company that offers licensed and insured solar services to all forms of La Jolla solar panels, whether commercial or residential. Solar panels can be installed for businesses in Bird Rock or homes in Soledad South with ease. Our solar technicians can provide professional solar panel installations, solar panel repairs, and solar panel cleaning services anywhere in La Jolla. Solar panels can keep the lights on during the day, night, or throughout blackouts and power outages. We’ll take care of the hard part and you enjoy the benefits!

In a nutshell, solar panels function by absorbing the energy released by the sun while it is shining brightly in the sky and converting it into electrical energy. Silicon solar cells, which are protected from the sun by glass panes, gather solar energy and send it to circuits, which convert the energy into direct current electricity. Direct current (DC) energy is converted into alternating current (AC) energy by the use of an inverter.

A Few Solar Manufacturers We Work With

A La Jolla solar panel company that offers QCells solar panels
A La Jolla solar company offering LG Solar as a solar panel option
La Jolla solar panel company performing a new solar panel installation on a flat roof

La Jolla Solar Panel Installation

Being close to all the amenities and natural wonders in La Jolla can be expensive. Residents in La Jolla pay on average $250 a month for electricity. That money could be better spent on a surfboard or having fun in the Village. Furthermore, La Jolla solar panels are better for the environment than traditional electricity, which emits greenhouse gases into the air and causes the global temperature to go up. Your home needs to be comfortable for when you’re done playing on the beach or watching sea lions at La Jolla Cove.

Unified Solar and Roofing can professionally install solar panels onto your La Jolla home without causing disruption to your day or your comfort level. The transition from traditional electricity to solar energy doesn’t have to be complicated. You can hit the golf course during our installation process. If you have any questions about our process or want to learn more, our excellent customer service can assist you every step of the way. Saving money and the environment at the same time has never before been so easy.

La Jolla has a mild climate and access to roughly 3,052 hours of sunshine every year on average. Harness that abundance of solar energy to power your home (and even your electric car). During blackouts, your house can be the one with TV and air conditioning in your neighborhood.

A professional solar panel installation in la Jolla from Unified Solar and Roofing does not have to be hard or time-consuming to be successful. You will not be required to put your life on wait while we install solar panels on your roof (or anywhere else on your property). We can assist you with the application procedure as well as any snags that may arise throughout the installation process. Furthermore, our skilled installation ensures that your solar panels remain in top condition for the duration of their useful life.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Commercial solar panels can help keep La Jolla businesses reliable for both customers and employees alike, especially when it comes to providing quality electricity all year round. Whether you serve college students attending the University of California, San Diego, or simply create jobs and boost the area’s economy with your business, allow Unified Solar and Roofing to provide you with the same quality customer service you provide the people of La Jolla.

La Jolla commercial solar panel installations aren’t inconvenient to your business or your customers. We provide a project manager and an operations and maintenance plan so that you can rest in comfort and attend to the duties of your company, instead of the needs of your solar panel system.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to your company’s specific needs. This has resulted in us being able to provide a selection of high-quality solar panel materials from some of the country’s most recognized solar panel manufacturers, including LG, Solaria, QCell, and Silfab. The process of installing new solar panels or upgrading an existing solar panel system is made easier with the help of our skilled staff. Contact us now to get started.

La Jolla Solar Panel Repair

When your La Jolla solar panels break, you want only the best repair so that the lifespan of your solar panels does not suffer. If properly maintained, cleaned, and fixed, solar panels can last for up to 25 years. Unified Solar and Roofing is a La Jolla solar company that provides a complete menu of solar repairs for whenever disaster strikes. Our certified, and licensed solar technicians provide a speedy fix or help you figure out the more complicated problems that might require a parts replacement. We understand your home needs a reliable source of energy.

Experienced solar panel repair professionals have seen and dealt with it all. Your roofing, electrical and structural issues may be taken care of by Unified Solar and Roofing. If you’d like a free solar repair estimate, please give us a call. To inquire about our solar panel cleaning services, just ask!

commercial solar panel repair in La Jolla due to a damaged solar panel needing to be replaced

Commercial Solar Panel Repair

Your commercial solar panel system in La Jolla needs a backup solution in case something breaks. Unified Solar and Roofing is the perfect solar company to call in the case of a commercial solar panel repair, or if you think your panels have lost their efficiency. Don’t allow your company to suffer from blackouts. Our licensed and insured solar experts also offer comprehensive, professional solar panel cleaning for your business.

We can help with your La Jolla commercial solar panel system by offering commercial solar panel repair for your solar batteries, inverters, electrical work, or solar panel replacement due to damage.

Inified Solar And Roofing offers Neovolta battery storage and battery back up
solar battery backup in La Jolla installed by a top La Jolla solar panel company

La Jolla Solar Battery Back-up

You’ll need a solar backup battery to store extra electricity generated by your solar panels if your home doesn’t use it all during the day. You won’t have to re-enter the grid at peak periods even if the sky is overcast or nighttime falls.  You can even recharge electric cars when using a solar battery backup system. As a La Jolla solar company, our solar battery backup options can provide you with the right system that you require to ensure that you have enough stored power to get you through a overcast day, night time, or during a power outage. We offer a variety of solar battery options for your La Jolla home such as NeoVolta, LG Chem, or Enphase. And do not worry, our solar specialists will discuss everything ensuring that you get the best solar battery for your homes needs. We are there every step of the way to take the stress out of the process.

Choose Unified Solar And Roofing For your Solar Project

When you are thinking of having new solar panels installed in La Jolla either for your home or commercial application, we can help! a La Jolla solar company that provides quality and convenience. We offer a variety of solar panel options and are not tied into just one brand as many of our competitors. We feel it is best if we can provide you with the best solar panel option or one that you have in mind. We also provide solar panel repairs in La Jolla to help with keeping your existing solar panel system up and running at it’s optimal rate. Your La Jolla solar panel system may come across damage due to the saltwater or from un act of nature. Whatever it may be, we can help with solar inverter repairs, electrical repairs, or solar panel replacement.

Don’t forget about adding or replacing a solar battery system as they can keep you from incurring an added expense from SDG&E during off periods of producing your own energy. What ever the case, you can feel free to fill out our contact form or feel free to call us at (858) 382-4532