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Carmel Valley Solar Panel Installation

Living in Carmel Valley offers all the amenities of living in any newer suburb in the great city of San Diego, but less noise and stress. Solar panel systems can increase the quality of everyday life, with their reliance on a free, renewable, sustainable energy source: the sun! By having a solar panel system on your Carmel Valley home, you can benefit from running your air conditioner as needed along with covering the cost of the families overall electrical consumption without worrying about the monthly charge you are going to receive from SDG&E. Unified Solar and Roofing, a fully licensed and insured roofing and solar contractor, offers a full professional installation package for your new home or your old home in Carmel Valley.

Take Advantage Of The Federal Tax Credit Of 30% On Your Solar Panel Installation

Carmel Valley enables efficient solar panel operation with its abundant sunshine and dry weather. With minimal at best rainfall, you can take advantage of the world’s greatest renewable energy source that can power the lights in your home at all times. Furthermore, solar panel systems raise the value of your home and slash your utility bills significantly, saving and making you money over time. This is based on NEM 2 (Net Metering 2) and post NEM 2, which is NEM 3 (Net Metering 3), you will simply need to add solar battery storage to prevent going back to the grid for power when the sun is not producing energy for your home. In a post NEM 3, the energy company will stop providing the same credits back to the home that sends power back to the grid and that will be why the benefit of solar battery storage will be such an added bonus for your home and family.

Quality Carmel Valley Solar Panel Installation Services

Carmel Valley is home to many peaceful neighborhoods and school districts. These neighborhoods might be regulated by HOAs when it comes to solar panel installation. Unified Solar and Roofing can help you and your family comply with HOA regulations and still continue to plan for a solar panel installation.

Solar panel systems can fit with any house’s design or style. Unified Solar and Roofing can help you choose the layout and look of solar panels suited to your home’s overall appearance. We can also design the layout according to your home’s energy usage and needs. Since Unified Solar and Roofing also specializes in roofing, your roof will be safe and protected throughout the entire process as we

adhere to all of the roofing requirements needed to prevent any possible damage or roof leaks post the solar panel installation.

Furthermore, our professional solar panel installation services include assistance in applying for the Residential Rooftop-Mounted Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Permit, required by the city of San Diego. Our team can help determine whether or not you’re approved, and help you file for separate permits for battery and charging systems.

Our Carmel Valley solar panel installation process won’t interrupt your family’s busy schedule, nor will it compromise the comfort of your home. All your questions will be answered throughout the procedure by our excellent sales team who provide the quality customer experience you need. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy the quality warranties that come with our array of solar panels provided by the best solar panel manufacturers.

Premium Solar Panel Manufacturers

Unified Solar and Roofing relies on the top solar manufacturers to provide Carmel Valley homes and properties the quality solar panels that meet their needs. As we work with a variety of solar manufacturers and distributors, we are always looking to provide the highest quality for our valued clients. As we will never compromise the quality of products we install, we are always in communication to find product availability for a few of the best solar panel manufacturers we work with. Based on the solar installation and homes electrical requirements helps us provide the right product for each specific solar installation project in Carmel Valley.

Solar Panel Tax Credits and Rebates

How can a solar panel system save you money? If you plan to install solar panels in your Carmel Valley home, take advantage of the tax credits and rebates available for those who use alternative energy. The state of California requires all new homes to have a solar panel system installed.

The federal government currently offers a tax credit for homeowners who installed solar panels a 30% tax credit running through at least 2032. Furthermore, California’s net energy metering incentive allows homeowners to make back their investment in their solar panels through a unique piece of legislation. Utilities that are owned by investors are required to buy excess solar electricity from homeowners at retail rates. The NEM 2.0 program allows you as a homeowner to sell the extra energy you don’t need to power companies for up to 20 years after installation. This perk can help offset the initial cost of a solar panel system within a matter of months. Our team of technicians can help you determine what you qualify for from these available credits.

As an update, as of April 13th 2023, energy companies and the state agreed to go to NEM 3 which will change what the cost of energy be supplied back to the grid will be reimbursed and that change has been an eye opener to understanding why solar battery storage is going to be a very important part of any new solar panel installation being signed off on after April 13th, 2023.

How Unified Solar And Roofing Can Help You!

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