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Living in an area powered by cutting-edge technology and the tech industry means always remaining open to new and efficient ways of powering your life, whether at home or at work. When that technology coincides with an effort to preserve the natural beauty that surrounds Sorrento Valley, you can both enjoy the benefits of it and feel good about your investment. Solar panel installation in Sorrento Valley can boost the value of your home or business, lower your utility bills, and maintain your way of life all while getting away from the high cost of electricity.

The transition from expensive traditional power to reliably green solar energy doesn’t have to be complicated with help from a professional solar company. That’s why Unified Solar and Roofing has developed simple yet specific installation and repair methodologies to make it easy for both homes and businesses to use solar energy from solar panels. Our skilled solar experts can help you with whatever you need so that you too can start enjoying the sun-powered electricity that can fuel your life.

With the wide-open spaces in Sorrento Valley, your home or business has a perfect spot for a solar panel installation. And with the tax credits and savings available to solar panel owners, you can’t afford to run away from the future of solar technology. Solar panels make San Diego blackouts a thing of the past and keep your appliances running for your convenience.

If your looking for a Sorrento Valley solar company, trust that you are in good hands. Unified Solar And  Roofing provides the quality solar installation and battery storage that you would expect. Staying in contact every step of the way with pictures and video of the process to let you see everything each day.

A Few San Diego Solar Manufacturers We Work With

Sorrento Valley solar panel product option with QCells
Sorrento Valley solar panel product by CertainTeed solar
New solar panel installation in Sorrento Valley with our skilled installers

Sorrento Valley Solar Panel Installation

Sorrento Valley homes can benefit from solar panel installation that powers their air conditioning and makes your home a pleasant place to work, live, eat, and sleep in. Sleek, well-made solar panels can grace your roof, improve your curb appeal, and lower your bills all at the same time. Spend more time at the beach, spending time with family, and less time working to keep up with the rising cost of living.

Unified Solar and Roofing provides a professional solar panel installation that begins with a simple free estimate and ends with sturdy, flexible solar panels that either supplement your use of traditional electricity or fully power your home, depending on your needs. Don’t stress about the comfort of your family during the installation–we’ll take care of everything! We know how to care for roofs and solar technology as well as your family’s comfort.

Professional installation prevents all the pitfalls that come with a DIY or handyman installation. You won’t spend years trying to fix your solar panels before you even get to enjoy them. Our materials come with a full extended warranty that covers repairs as well as the structure to last decades. Our experienced solar technicians will make sure that you have a positive solar installation and reliable solar energy to keep your home comfortable.

Prior to the installation, our staff takes care of all the relevant paperwork and permits. Our area of expertise includes HOA permits, municipal regulations, and local standards. Aside from that, we provide a variety of payment options to make solar panels more affordable over time.

Sorrento Valley Commercial Installation

As a business, you can save money and increase your company’s image by installing commercial solar panels in office buildings, business parks, schools, and apartment buildings. Unified Solar and Roofing’s commercial solar panels are an excellent way to put money towards environmental social and governance (ESG). We’ll work with you and your staff to come up with a solar energy installation strategy that’s right for your company, and then we’ll implement it with an operations manager to handle all the details for you.

Sorrento Valley is the perfect place for a business or corporation to begin considering a full transition to solar energy. Commercial solar panels can handle anything your business needs and can help you avoid those pesky San Diego blackouts so that your operations can continue.

Sorrento Valley Commercial Repair

Your Sorrento Valley business needs reliable sources of electricity to keep providing reliable service to your customers and partners. Unified Solar and Roofing can be your solar panel partner that keeps your panels in good condition and fixes minor repairs before they turn into major problems. With a commercial solar panel maintenance plan, your company can continue to run smoothly and make the most out of your solar investment for years to come. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about the condition of your solar panels–just your business operations.

Sorrento Valley Solar Panel Repair

Longevity and corrosion resistance are well-known properties of solar panels. However, a glass pane may shatter or the panel’s inside may corrode with time. It’s also possible that your solar inverter has to be fixed. Unified Solar and Roofing can repair your solar panels so that you don’t have to purchase new ones. Damage from wind or animals, shattered panels, and damaged batteries need a rapid repair, but they won’t put your solar panel system out of commission. In a matter of hours, your solar panel system can be up and running again. We’ll also help you consider best practices to keep your system in the best shape so that it stays healthy. Though solar panel repair is not common, it is good to know that we are here if needed. Our technicians can diagnosis and resolve all types of solar panel repairs.

Sorrento Valley Solar Battery Backup Options

Sorrento Valley solar batteries using NeoVolta
Sorrento Valley solar battery backup systems using Enphase
Solar battery storage in Sorrento Valley using NeoVolta solar battery system

Sorrento Valley Solar Battery Back-up

Whether you use more solar energy during the day or simply aren’t home until after dark, your panels make more electricity at one time than your home can use. To take advantage of this surplus of sunshine, Unified Solar and Roofing can help you pick out the best solar battery storage for your needs and wants. You won’t have to return to the traditional electric grid at night or during overcast days if you don’t want to. Our Sorrento Valley solar battery storage options give you the best of the best ensuring that you are happy and achieving the results you deserve. Solar battery storage can save you additional money over going back to the grid when your solar panels are not producing.

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To have solar installation done perfectly the first time, you can count on our team of solar energy experts. Sorrento Valley solar company that pays attention to detail and ensures that your roof and solar are cared for every step of the way. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate for any solar panel installation, repair, or solar battery storage services you could need. Let us help you improve the quality of life in your home or workplace. Feel free to contact us by phone at (858) 382-4532 or fill out our contact form and we will reach out to you.