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Carmel Mountain Ranch Solar Batteries

When the sun sets on Carmel Mountain Ranch, what will you use for electricity since you can’t use your solar panel system? You could return to traditional electricity from the electrical grid, but at peak prices, what you end up saving with solar panels you’ll pay back in utility bills. A solar battery can help solve your problem. Unified Solar and Roofing can help you and your family find the best solar backup battery for your Carmel Mountain Ranch home that can provide free, reliable solar energy after dark, charge your electric car, or keep the lights on during summer blackouts. Our team of licensed solar technicians can install solar batteries at the time of your solar panel installation, or at any other time.

Solar battery storage is going to become even more important as NEM 3 (Net Energy Metering) starts taking over as of April 13th, 2023. When this happens, the price that the energy company will pay you for the power being sent back to the grid will be much less. That is why having solar battery storage will allow you to hold onto the surplus energy your system produces so that it can be used when the sun goes down.

Solar batteries store the excess electricity created by the solar panels during the day and put them somewhere safe, for later. Think of it as a savings account, but for electricity. These batteries also keep your carbon footprint low, your utility bills low, and your quality of life high. Unified Solar and Roofing can help you select the right brand and size of solar battery for your home and offers a seamless installation process. Call us today for a free estimate!

What Are Solar Batteries?

The sun is an infinite source of energy, but it only sits in the sky for so long every day. But that doesn’t mean you have to rely on traditional energy sources. Solar batteries provide your home with the means it needs to run appliances and technology along with keeping your fridge cold and your freezer frozen..

Sometimes, you can use these batteries for other items when necessary, depending on their make and manufacturer. If you have an electric car, solar panel batteries can charge your vehicle in a pinch with an EV charging system.

You can also offset the cost of the initial solar battery installation, thanks to California law. Investor-owned electric companies need to buy surplus electricity from homes that own solar panels. Peak sunlight allows your solar battery to collect more electricity than you will use. Companies that buy from you and your solar panel system must pay similar prices for solar energy as traditional electricity. Once again, until this new change in the law that starts April 13th, 2023 as they will no longer be paying you the same cost as they will sell it to you for. And this is why solar battery systems installed at your home will become much more popular as time passes.

Your Carmel Mountain Ranch home will need a solar battery or batteries that meet your family’s electricity needs and your own goals. The number that represents accessible or usable capacity in a battery can tell you how long the battery can power your home or property. Battery storage is typically measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). The length of time a battery can run will vary based on how much electricity you need at one time. A solar battery that is only used for small appliances or one item will last longer than a solar battery used to power an entire room.

Why Should I Install Solar Batteries?

Carmel Mountain Ranch solar panel systems benefit greatly from solar batteries. When the electric company implements blackouts during the summer to help the region adjust to the soaring temperatures, homes will want a solar battery to help keep their air conditioning running and their fridge on. Solar batteries mean you aren’t scrambling for alternative options in a blackout.

Even when there isn’t a blackout, Time of Use regulations raise the prices of electricity used after 4 pm when the sun is not out. Avoid paying these high surcharges with a dependable solar battery and stay away from relying on the expensive traditional grid fed power.

ALERT! Batteries are also going to become a very viable option when it comes time to transfer over to NEM 3 to allow you to store much of your produced solar during the day that allows you minimal if any reliance on the grid..

How long do solar batteries last? It depends on how much you use them, where you put them, and the kind of battery you purchased. The average lifespan of a solar panel is 25-30 years, though solar batteries may last anywhere from five to fifteen years, depending on how often they are charged. At least once in your solar panel’s lifetime, you may need to change the batteries.

Our Solar Battery Partners

Unified Solar and Roofing supplies high-quality solar batteries for both installation and repair, as well as solar panel installation. Our partnership with the leading solar system manufacturers on the market ensures that your solar system is always in peak operating condition.

  • Enphase

    During the night and when the sun isn’t shining, Enphase batteries depend on microinverters to keep the electricity flowing in your home.

  • NeoVolta

    NeoVolta batteries work well in the summer. These batteries are suited for higher temperatures due to their reliance on iron instead of ion.

These solar battery manufacturers are the ones that we trust as they are proven in the field and we have not had issues with them. We are always working to provide the very best products at the most competitive prices. This allows us to provide greater value to our valued customers.

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