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Eco-living in Tierrasanta is made possible by the overwhelming amount of natural resources available. Thousands of hours of sunshine pour down over the canyons, neighborhoods, and plazas that populate the “Island in the Hills” These rays can help you reduce your carbon footprint and your living expenses at the same time, thanks to the power of solar panels. Unified Solar and Roofing can help you capture the power of the sun and use it to keep your home or business running throughout the day and night.

Even if you try your best to live in a minimalist style, the summers in Tierrasanta can be brutal. Heatwaves fill the air, suffocating you and making it difficult to breathe and operate your life or your business. Don’t try to suffer through it–try Unified Solar and Roofing’s many solar panel services to keep your home or office cool and fresh throughout the day. Our skilled solar experts can help ease you and your family through the transition from traditional electricity to solar energy.

If you already have solar panels for your Tierrasanta home, ask us about our other services! Our team offers solar battery storage, we can repair solar panels, clean them, or provide long-term commercial maintenance for your business or rental property. With solar panels, you can dismiss the summer heat as a thing of the past and live in the future with reliable solar technology to keep you comfortable.

Despite the fact that solar panels come in a wide range of forms and sizes, their primary purpose is the same. Sunlight rays are absorbed by silicon solar cells that are covered with glass throughout the day. As a result of this conversion, the cells produce alternating current (AC) energy. Have Unified Solar And Roofing be your go to Tierrasanta solar company!

A Few Solar Manufacturers We Work With

Tierrasanta solar panel from QCells by Unified Solar And Roofing
CertainTeed solar panels for Tierrasanta by Unified Solar And Roofing
Solar panel installation project on a asphalt shingle roof by Unified solar And Roofing

Tierrasanta Solar Panel Installation

Environmental disasters have affected homeowners and residents in Tierrasanta throughout the years. Firestorms and wildfires have the power to drive families out of Tierrasanta, resulting in inconvenience and suffering. Reducing one’s carbon footprint not only preserves natural habitats like Mission Trails Regional Park, but also can work towards keeping your home and community safe. Furthermore, reliance on solar panels can help lower your utility bills and keep you independent from the San Diego electric company.

Unified Solar and Roofing has a full array of services that can help you and your family transition from solar energy to electricity. From our thorough free estimate to our quick and easy installation process, we’ll make sure to answer any questions you might have along the way. Our technicians also are roofing experts, so we’ll make sure to protect your home and your roof during the installation.

Our solar installation ensures that you won’t have to spend time or money fixing your solar panels without gaining back a return on investment. DIY installations are hazardous and leave you without many of the benefits that come with solar panels, including the ability to sell solar energy to power companies and the ability to use traditional electricity should you need it.

Worried about your HOA rules and regulations? Don’t be. Our project estimators can help you fill out all the necessary paperwork before your solar installation. Furthermore, these panels can help increase the value of your home, a crucial investment.

Tierrasanta Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Located fifteen minutes away from downtown San Diego, Tierrasanta offers convenience and privacy at the same time. Your business helps to support the community and attracts visitors, making this little suburban island worth living in. Unified Solar and Roofing can make serving the community all the more beneficial, with our commercial solar panel services by your side at all times. Whether you’re looking to make the transition from traditional electricity to solar panels, looking for solar battery storage, or your existing panels just need some quick repairs to keep them efficient, our trained experts can help you with what you need.

Your business, customers, employees, and wallet will all thank you for relying on free solar energy to power your business. Our team leads can help make sure a commercial solar panel installation does not disrupt your operations at any time.

Tierrasanta Solar Panel Repair

Solar panels are noted for their longevity and resistance to corrosion. But nothing is perfect, so when your solar panels need the occasional repair, Unified Solar and Roofing is happy to provide you and your family with the work you need. Whether you need a new panel, solar inverter repairs, let Unified Solar And Roofing be your Tierrasanta solar company of choice! Don’t give up on your older solar panels. Treat them right with one of our professional repairs. We also can provide some tips to help keep these panels in the best shape possible.

Tierrasanta Commercial Repair

When disaster strikes, your business and employees will need all that you can get to have operations restored to normal. If your solar panels need repairs, Unified Solar and Roofing can help, so that your time and energy can be focused on your day-to-day. With our commercial solar panel repair plans, maintenance plans, and operations managers assigned to your business, you can rest assured that your solar panels are in good hands.

Tierrasanta Solar Battery Backup Options

Tierrasanta solar batteries using NeoVolta
Tierrasanta solar battery backup systems using Enphase

Tierrasanta Solar Battery Storage And Back-up

Even if you consume more solar power throughout the day or are not home until after dark, your panels generate more electricity than your house can utilize at any one moment. Unified Solar and Roofing can assist you in selecting the ideal solar battery back-up for your Tierrasanta home in order to take advantage of this abundance of sunlight. We also provide repairs for these batteries when needed, and when it’s time for a new solar battery back-up, we can help you replace it. Check with us for the various solar battery storage options that we can help you with.

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If you want a solar power system installed right the first time, you can rely on our solar power professionals. Contact us for a free estimate on any and all services that you may need. Let us help you enhance the quality of your life at home or at work. Get ready to lower your bills and your carbon footprint with Unified Solar and Roofing! If you have any questions or would like a FREE estimate for all of your Tierrasanta solar needs, fill out our contact form or call us direct at (858) 382-4532.. Were here to be your go to solar company in Tierrasanta.