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Carmel Mountain Ranch Commercial Roof Maintenance Services

We all know that commercial roof repairs and replacements are expensive, so why not keep your commercial roof maintained to avoid big, costly issues?

At Unified Solar and Roofing, we provide customized roofing maintenance programs to Carmel Mountain Ranch property owners, property managers, homeowner associations, and commercial business owners. Keep your roof optimized and out of harm’s way with a commercial roof maintenance plan that works for your schedule and budget.

What is a Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan?

A roofing maintenance plan is an easy way to ensure your property’s roof remains under warranty and in excellent condition.

At Unified Solar and Roofing, a preventative maintenance program includes:

Commercial roof maintenance to repair leaking roof mounts for solar panels
  • Periodic Roof Inspection

    We will inspect your roof for any problem areas. Because your Carmel Mountain Ranch property is exposed to the sun frequently, we’ll look for any spots where your roof structure may be weakened, or anything else that could result in future damage to your roof. We will also clean your commercial roof of any debris that could lead to clogged drains or damage later on.

  • Professional Recommendations:

    Based on the inspection, our team will develop a customized plan with recommendations to help keep the roof of your Carmel Mountain Ranch property in excellent condition. If your roof inspection uncovers a problem, we will repair it on the spot or come back to fix the issue later so it doesn’t become worse.

  • Implementation:

    Based on our recommendations, United Solar and Roofing will work with you to develop a plan for continued care and maintenance for your commercial roof. We will also provide you with a report once our work has been completed.

It’s important to note a typical roof warranty requires at least one roof inspection per year by an authorized roofing company like Unified Solar and Roofing. This requirement benefits the property owner and the company that issues the warranty.

If you schedule routine maintenance with us, we will also clean your gutters, mend your flashings and perform minor repairs- all included in the cost of the program. This will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also expand your roof’s lifespan and keep you within your warranty guidelines.

Benefits of Preventative Roof Maintenance In Carmel Mountain Ranch

The following things are all benefits your Carmel Mountain property could reap with a Unified Solar and Roofing preventative maintenance plan:

roof maintenance to prevent roof leaks from leaking flashings
  • Decreased Liability:

    Roof maintenance can decrease your liability. A poorly maintained roof can be hazardous; both physically and fiscally.

  • Saved Money:

    Preventative roof maintenance often uncovers small issues such as necessary roof repairs before they become really big, costly issues. Without roof maintenance, you will likely need a roof replacement sooner than otherwise required due to unresolved repairs that become worse.

  • Extended Roof Life:

    Preventative roof maintenance has been proven to extend roof life. Who wants to invest significant funds to replace a roof when it could have very easily been maintained for a fraction of the cost?

  • Tax Advantages:

    Most maintenance programs can be written off for tax purposes, saving your business even more money in the long run.

  • Non Invasive:

    Unlike roofing repairs or replacements, roof maintenance is minimally invasive. Most of the time, your building’s occupants won’t even know that Unified Solar and Roofing technicians are on your roof.

  • Better for the Environment:

    Compared to other options, roof maintenance can be more environmentally friendly. We offer green maintenance products, and by extending the service life of the roof, you’re not sending a lot of roofing material to a landfill.

Roofing Manufacturers We Work With

We work with Owens Corning roof materials for our Carmel Mountain Ranch commercial roof maintenance
Johns Manville is another roofing product we use fro our Carmel Mountain Ranch commercial roof maintenance

How Much Does a Carmel Mountain Ranch Roofing Maintenance Plan Cost?

Many factors affect the cost of your maintenance program, such as the condition of your roof, its layout, how easily accessible it is, and the size of your roof.

To fit your budgetary needs, Unified Solar and Roofing offers several different maintenance programs on a biannual or annual basis based on the needs of your property’s roof. For instance, if your property has a lot of trees nearby, you may need a preventative maintenance program on a biannual basis due to leaves and other debris clogging up your gutter system.

If you are not sold on a preventative maintenance program, Unified Solar and Roofing also offers one-time inspections. These inspections include a job walk of your property’s roof, documentation of any issues, and an estimate for needed repairs.

Choose Us For Your Carmel Mountain Ranch Commercial Roof Maintenance?

With decades of commercial roofing experience in the Carmel Mountain Ranch area under our belt, Unified Solar and Roofing knows the importance of proper preventative maintenance. Rely on us to extend the life of your roof by years.

We can provide top-quality, commercial roofing maintenance and inspection services for your property’s roof. Our technicians are fully licensed and certified, and will ensure quality assistance with all commercial roofing questions and concerns. To learn more about commercial roof maintenance programs from Unified Solar and Roofing, please fill out our contact form or call us at (858) 382-4532.