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Carmel Valley Solar Batteries

While you’re setting the table for dinner in your Carmel Valley home, your electrical bills could be piling up, costing you unintended bills that you thought would be covered by solar panel usage. Peak prices set in place to discourage homeowners from relying on traditional electricity during the evening can cause a dent in your savings over time. This will be even more of a concern as NEM 3 (Net Metering 3) takes effect. Solar batteries can provide solutions to this problem, allowing your Carmel Valley home to access solar energy even while the sun is down. Unified Solar and Roofing can help you find the right solar backup battery for your home and family that can offer free, reliable solar energy after dark, during blackouts, or even for charging your electric car without having to rely on the grid when your solar panels stop producing.

Our team of solar experts can install solar batteries at any time, whether it’s at the time of your solar panel installation or afterward. These solar batteries take the excess electricity created during the day and store them so that you can use it later. These batteries also keep your carbon footprint and your utility costs low while ensuring that you can run the appliances and lights you need at night. Unified Solar and Roofing offers a seamless installation process and a no obligation, free estimate. Call us today to see how we can help!

What Are Solar Batteries?

The sun may be reliable, but it won’t sit in the sky for more than twelve hours a day. However, just because it’s dark outside doesn’t mean that you have to go back to the traditional grid for electricity. Solar batteries can help you maintain your alternative, eco-friendly lifestyle without dipping into your savings account.

These batteries serve multiple purposes for you and your family. They can charge your electric vehicle if necessary. They can also pay for themselves over time. California law dictates that investor-owned electric companies buy surplus solar electricity from homes at a comparable price to traditional energy rates. With peak sunlight hours, your solar panel system will collect more sunlight than your home can use at that time. You can sell it and make a profit thanks to the law until April 13th when NEM 3 gets implemented.

Carmel Valley homes do require correct sizing for your solar batteries that can meet the needs of your family and fit your solar panel system. The number that represents accessible or usable capacity in a battery can tell you how long the battery can power your home or property. Battery storage is typically measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). The length of time a battery can run will vary based on how much electricity you need at one time. A solar battery that is only used for small appliances or one item will last longer than a solar battery used to power an entire room.

Our team of specialists are here to help you understand the specific needs of the solar battery storage you would require.

Why Should I Install Solar Battery Storage for My Carmel Valley Home?

Carmel Valley solar panel system owners find solar batteries help them accomplish their goals: to lower their utility bills and keep their carbon footprint small. During the summer, when electric companies institute blackouts, your home can be prepared with a solar battery that can keep the air conditioning running and your refrigerator and freezer from thawing out. You won’t have to seek assistance or hope that the blackout ends with a reliable solar battery that maintains your quality of life, no matter how hot it is outside.

San Diego electric companies have also raised the prices of electricity through Time of Use regulations. When everyone is home after work and school and multiple appliances are being used all at once, electricity from the traditional grid becomes significantly more expensive. A dependable solar battery for your Carmel Valley home can keep you away from these high prices and help you enjoy after-hours without making sacrifices.

How long do solar batteries last? It depends on how much you use them, where you put them, and the kind of battery you purchased. Solar panels can last from anywhere between 25-30 years. But solar panel batteries last anywhere between 5 and 15 years. To keep up with the endurance of your solar panel system, you’ll need to replace the batteries at least once.

Types of Solar Batteries

Any solar battery will do well in the Carmel Valley climate and occasionally the battery will depend on the type of solar panel installation/solar product that you have on your roof. But usage and weather may affect the life of your solar battery and possibly reduce the life expectancy. Below are some of the common types of batteries:

  • Lead-Acid Batteries

    Lead-acid batteries are often found in many forms of off-grid energy systems. They are budget-friendly, easy to find, and easily replaced. These batteries will need to be replaced more often than other forms of batteries due to their lower depth of discharge (DoD).

  • Lithium Ion Batteries

    Lithium-ion batteries are light, compact, and come with a long lifespan. These batteries are typically considered the gold standard in solar panel systems. Their DoD and capacity are higher than lead-acid batteries.

  • Saltwater Batteries

    Saltwater batteries are the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient batteries on the market. They don’t have heavy metals and are easy to recycle.

Our Solar Battery Partners

Unified Solar and Roofing provides quality solar batteries, both for installation and replacement. We’ve partnered with the best manufacturers in the market to keep your solar system in its best shape.

Some of the brands we provide include:

  • Enphase

    Enphase batteries rely on microinverters to keep the power flowing in your house throughout the night and when the sun isn’t out.

  • NeoVolta

    NeoVolta batteries are suited for higher temperatures due to their reliance on iron instead of ion.

And these are just the solar battery storage options that we prefer to work with. You also have Tesla solar and they use Tesla Powerwalls for their battery storage for their systems.

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