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Bay Park Solar Battery Backup

When a blackout or brownout hits Bay Park, you’ll be grateful your solar panel system has a solar backup battery. Unified Solar and Roofing can help you and your family find the best solar battery storage for your Bay Park home that can keep the lights on after dark, charge your electric car, keep the fridge cold, the freezer frozen, or help you cope after natural disasters. Our team of highly skilled solar technicians can help you during your solar panel installation or at any other point in the life of your solar panel system. Whether you need a replacement or a new installation of a solar battery backup system for your Bay Park home, we’re here with the information you need!

Solar battery storage takes the renewable energy created by the sun and keeps it for a rainy day–literally! They can give you an alternative to using electricity during “peak hours” or when the sun sets, which can be expensive. Furthermore, these batteries keep your carbon footprint low without lowering your quality of life. Unified Solar and Roofing can help you select the right brand of solar battery for your home and provides a seamless installation process. Call us today for a free estimate!

What Are Solar Batteries?

The sun doesn’t always shine. When it goes down, your house will need to find another form of energy to keep all the appliances running. However, it doesn’t have to. Solar batteries store excess electricity made during the day when the sun is out and allow you to use them later. They are sometimes called “deep cycle batteries.”

These solar batteries can have other uses, depending on their make and manufacturer. For Bay Park residents who may have an electric car, solar panel batteries can also charge your vehicle as needed by providing power to your EV charging station.

Solar batteries can also help you save money in the long run–which can offset their initial cost. Peak sunlight happens around midday and can cause your solar panel to create more electricity than you and your family currently need. You can store that electricity in a solar battery and either use it later

or sell it back to investor-owned electric companies. California law dictates that investor-owned electric companies must buy surplus electricity from homes that own solar panels. They must pay similar prices for solar energy as for traditional energy–which puts money back in your wallet.

This was the case during NEM2 though, when NEM3 takes place on April 13th 2023, these energy companies will only pay you back a small percentage of the cost that they will resell it to you when needed.

What size of solar battery storage do you need? It depends on how much electricity you use on a regular basis. The battery’s accessible or useful capacity figure will help you estimate how long your house or property will be powered by the battery. Kilowatt-hours (kWh) are the standard unit of battery storage measurement (kWh). Depending on how much power you use at a given moment, the battery life varies. A tiny appliance or single-item solar battery will survive longer than a large-room solar battery. Most often, homes need to provide power to the entire home if possible when the sun is down and otherwise, you would pick specific rooms, refrigerator, freezer, and any other electrical appliances that you deem necessary to live your standard of life.

Why Should I Install A Solar Battery For My Bay Park Home?

Solar batteries help provide a safety net for when there is no other electricity to use. San Diego’s general electric company, SDG&E, has occasionally implemented blackouts to help the region adjust to hot and dry summers. When this phenomenon happens to Bay Park, homeowners with solar panel backup batteries aren’t left searching for alternative solutions to keeping their lights on.

Going back to the grid may be more costly than using solar batteries for households that need general power at specific times of the day. Electricity is more costly to use after 4 p.m. because of time-of-use limitations since the sun is less intense. Since at least part of the point behind investing in a solar panel system is to save money, it makes more sense to avoid paying these high surcharges.

How long do solar batteries last? It depends on how much you use them, where you put them, and the kind of battery you purchased. Solar panels can last from anywhere between 25-30 years. But solar panel batteries last anywhere between 5 and 15 years. To keep up with the endurance of your solar panel system, you’ll need to replace the batteries at least once.

Our Solar Battery Partners

Unified Solar and Roofing provides quality solar batteries, both for installation and replacement. We’ve partnered with the best manufacturers in the market to keep your solar system in its best shape.

Below are some of the brands we provide:

  • Enphase Solar Batteries

    Enphase batteries rely on microinverters to keep the power flowing in your house throughout the night and when the sun isn’t out.

  • Neovolta Solar Batteries

    Neovolta batteries are suited for higher temperatures due to their reliance on iron instead of ion.

These are just the ones that we prefer as there are others such as Tesla Powerwalls along with other manufacturers of solar batteries. We choose to offer solar battery storage options that we know and trust.

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Unified Solar and Roofing will happily provide you and your family with a free estimate for solar battery installation in Bay Park. Whether you have old solar batteries that need to be replaced or never installed solar batteries in the first place, our team of experts can make the entire process quick and seamless. Be prepared for anything with solar batteries! If you have any friends or family that may be interested in a new solar panel installation or are in need of a solar repair, let them know to contact Unified Solar and Roofing!

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