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One of San Diego’s many local gems is Bay Park, located east of Mission Bay. If you’re lucky enough to own a home or commercial property there, you definitely want to keep it in great condition.

To do that, you will need a reliable roofing company that has an amazing reputation. Unified Solar and Roofing is known for both professional service and exceptional craftsmanship throughout the Bay Park area.

It doesn’t matter if you need residential or commercial roofing services, we have you covered. Besides being fully licensed, bonded, and insured, Unified Solar and Roofing technicians are also certified installers of the best roofing products. We can improve the aesthetic value of your home or commercial property and, more importantly, get you a durable roofing system that will serve you well in the years to come.

We proudly offer the following services to Bay Park’s residential homeowners and commercial property owners.


Residential Roofing Contractor Services In Bay Park

At Unified Solar and Roofing, we understand that it can be very frustrating when an issue occurs with your home’s roof. This is why we not only provide top quality craftsmanship, but also great customer service as well. No matter if your home needs a roof repair or replacement, we can take care of it. In fact, Unified Solar and Roofing provides the following services to homeowners in Bay Park:

roof replacement in bay park on a flat roof using torch down roofing due to the flat roofing need

Roof Replacement Bay Park:

Every roof has a lifespan, and if your roof has reached its own, or if a significant amount of damage has occurred, it may be time for a roof replacement on your Bay Park Home. Our goal is always to increase the lifespan of your roof with repairs if possible, but sometimes anew roof replacement is the best option. We can help you determine this with a comprehensive inspection.

roof repair in bay park due to roof leaks near the air condenser unit

Roof Repair Bay Park:

Bay Park is known for its sunny climate and occasional overcast, marine layer days. Over time, UV rays can cause a significant amount of damage to your roof, making roof leaks or other damage to occur. Whatever has caused the issue, Unified Solar and Roofing can identify the problem, perform the roof repairs on your Bay Park home, and get you and your loved ones back enjoying your house as fast as possible. We offer Bay Park roof repair services to help stretch out the life of your roof, saving you money and giving you time to prepare for an inevitable roof replacement.

roof inspection bay park on a tile roof that also has solar panels installed on this bay park home

Roof Inspection Bay Park:

Since Bay Park was once voted the top place to live in San Diego, the housing market has been out of control. If you’re lucky enough to find a home in the area, give Unified Solar and Roofing a call for a bay park roofing inspection before you sign on the dotted line. We will thoroughly inspect the roof of your prospective house for any superficial or structural damage. After the roof inspection is complete, we will document everything in a report. Depending on what we find, you may be able to negotiate the cost of your future home.

United Solar and Roofing can help with all of your Bay Park roofing needs. Give us a call today or fill out our contact form to receive your free estimate.

Commercial Roofing Contractor Services In Bay Park

In addition to residential roofing services, Unified Solar and Roofing contractors also provide commercial roofing installation, roof repair and maintenance programs to help you maintain or replace the existing roof on your Bay Park commercial property.

commercial roof replacement due to the company wanted to reduce energy spending by having a new cool roof

Commercial Roof Replacement Bay Park:

Replacing the roof on your Bay Park commercial property is a huge investment. This is why Unified Solar and Roofing technicians provide top quality craftsmanship and customer service to keep you at ease throughout the whole process. Additionally, we offer financing to fit your budgetary needs. No matter the type of roofing materials or roof size, we can help you with your Bay Park commercial roof replacement. You can trust us to be your Bay Park roofing contractor of choice.

commercial roof repair due to poor patch on roof that caused a roof leak

Commercial Roof Repair Bay Park:

Your commercial roof can get damaged in a variety of ways, one of the worst being moisture build-up caused by the humidity in Bay Park and the saltwater in the air. Moisture can cause your roof’s infrastructure to weaken, leading to roof leaks and mold growth. Regardless of the issue, the technicians at Unified Solar and Roofing offer top quality commercial roof repair services to business owners in the Bay Park area.

commercial roof maintenance in bay park to help ensure commercial roofs stay up to par and not have roof leaks or roof replacement

Commercial Roof Maintenance:

The best time to call Unified Solar and Roofing is before a problem occurs with your  Bay park commercial roof. Preventative  roof maintenance plans keep your roof in great shape, and also expand its lifespan. With a customized maintenance program, our team can discover roof leaks, cracks, missing shingles and more before a serious problem occurs. Keep your inventory, workers, visitors and customers out of harm’s way with a commercial roof maintenance plan that works for your schedule and budget.

Additionally, if you’re in the market to buy property in the Bay Park area, we offer one-time inspections. After the inspection is completed, we will provide a detailed report of the condition of your prospective roof. This will ensure that you know exactly what you’re buying, before the property is yours.

Choose Unified Solar and Roofing for Your Bay Park Roofing Needs

Whether you are a homeowner in Bay Park in need of a roofing repair, or a business owner who needs a commercial roof replacement, Unified Solar and Roofing is your go to Bay Park roofing contractor. We offer top quality residential and commercial roofing services, while also providing excellent customer service throughout the whole process. To learn more about our services, please fill out our contact form or call us at (858) 382-4532.