Mira Mesa Solar And Roofing 3/22

Mira Mesa Solar Installation Post New Owens Corning shingle Roof Replacement

Unified Solar And Roofing Performed These Services:

  • Remove Old Roof And Install A New Owens Corning Shingle Roof
  • New QCells Solar Panel Installation With Enphase Micro-Inverters

Unified Solar And Roofing is a licensed solar and roofing contractor that performs all of our work in-house and we do not use any sub-contractors.

You can rest assured knowing that you wont have to go back and forth with multiple sub-contractors if by chance there is ever an issue as we take care of it all. Unified offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Roofing Manufacturers We Work With

One of the roofing manufacturers that we use for our roofing installation in Mira Mesa

Mira Mesa Roof Replacement Overview

This valued customer reached back out to us after she realized how much we helped her with her flat roof installation over her garage. They reached out to us again for a new shingle roof replacement and solar panels for their Mira Mesa home. She was very happy with the Duro-last PVC roofing system that we installed on her flat portion of their house four years prior in Mira Mesa. She called back because she knew four years prior that her asphalt shingle roof only had a few years of life left in it, and her electric bill was very high due to running the A.C in the summer months.

Her current roof was a dark Gray shingle, and she did not have the proper attic ventilation. We suggested installing a lighter color Cool shingle to reflect some of the heat and updating the attic ventilation. Tammy chose the coolest color roof shingle, Shasta White, and we added more intake and exhaust ventilation to the roof replacement. 

A Few San Diego Solar Manufacturers We Work With

Solar panel manufacturers that we use for our Mira Mesa clients
Offering Ceertainteed solar panels to our San Diego solar customers

Mira Mesa Solar Panel Installation Overview

As they were also interested in adding a new solar panel installation on their Mira Mesa home, we needed to perform a job walk to look at their current electrical situation. We went back out to the home and took a look at the electrical panel, took some pictures and received a copy of her most recent bill. We then worked up a solar energy system that would meet their demands. This client wanted to finance the project, so we got them signed up with the financing plan that she was comfortable with, and went to work. this Mira Mesa solar panel installation was to include QCells solar panels along with Enphase micro-inverters that would offer them plenty of energy to power their home, and then some!

Mira Mesa Roofing And Solar Wrap Up

We started by removing the existing roofing first, replaced the bad wood, and installed the new shingle roof. Tammy noticed right away that the home was cooler due to the lighter color shingle that was installed. Once the permitting for the solar installation on their Mira Mesa home was approved, we came back out and installed the solar system. The job went smoothly and they were very happy with the overall production and the time frame to complete the job. 

Roofing And Solar Panel Installation Mira Mesa

For our Mira Mesa roofing, we offer the following services:

And our solar energy services for Mira Mesa include:

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