El Cajon Solar Lift And Lay 4/22

El Cajon Solar Lift And Lay With New Torch Down Roof Replacement

Unified Solar And Roofing Performed These Services:

  • Remove Old Roof And Install A New Torch Down Roof
  • Remove And Reset The Existing Solar Panels

Unified Solar And Roofing is a licensed solar and roofing contractor that performs all of our work in-house and we do not use any sub-contractors.

You can rest assured knowing that you wont have to go back and forth with multiple sub-contractors if by chance there is ever an issue as we take care of it all. Unified offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

All Work Is Performed By Us | No Sub-Contractors

Overview Of Our Solar Lift And Lay In El Cajon

At the time of needing this customers roof replaced, they had 65 solar panels on the roof of the garage. To get the new roof completed, they needed to have the existing solar panels removed from their El Cajon home. Unified was hired to perform this solar panel lift and lay. this is a service to where we remove the solar panels so that the roofing project can be completed. Once the new roof is installed, we then come back and reinstall the solar panels and wire everything back up to it’s prior functionality.

The roof was installed by our sister company Roofing Specialists Of San Diego that is co-owner of Unified Solar And Roofing. Robert, one of the lead estimators met with the client and discussed the new roof replacement along with the solar lift and lay. Below is information provided by Robert:

Our Estimator Robert Explains The Job

The client reached out to us to inspect the roof on his home due to the existing age of the roof. The home was located in El Cajon and was built in 2006, so the roofing was around 16 years old. The garage had 65 solar panels installed on it, and needed to be removed and reinstalled for re-roofing. He had one small leak in an area that was repaired the year prior. The current roofing was a Gray torch down roof with a beige coating over the top. The coating was starting to peel up in several areas and was looking patchy everywhere. They also mentioned the original Gray roofing was very hot, that is why they installed the beige coating. I talked to the homeowner about the options for a new roof and explained that White would be the most reflective and the coolest color we could install. I provided multiple options that consist of, Johns Manville Dibiten Cool torch down system in a 12 year or a 20 year material warranty, a Duro-Last PVC roofing system, and a GAF Everguard TPO roofing system. The customer ended up choosing the 20 year Johns Manville Dibiten Cool torch down system.

Once the roof replacement was completed, Unified Solar and Roofing came in to reinstall the solar panels on their El Cajon home. We had to update some of the rails, brackets, and grounding wire due to the system being around 12 years old. With the home and the garage we were looking at 77 squares of roofing to install. We had 12 of our installers on site, we started on a Tuesday and were finished the following Thursday. Our solar division came in on Friday and the system up and running on the following Tuesday. The family very happy with the overall experience with the company and the time it took to complete this El Cajon roofing and solar reinstall.

A Few San Diego Solar Manufacturers We Work With

QCells solar panels used for our El Cajon, San Diego solar panel installation
CertainTeed Solar products used for our el Cajon, San Diego solar panel installation

Unified Solar And Roofing In San Diego

Unified Solar And Roofing is a full service company that performs all of our work in-house. We do not use sub-contractors as a large percentage of companies do. We believe that this provides you with peace of mind knowing that you will not need to deal with the he said she said if there were ever any issues with you roof or solar panel installation.

We offer a variety of solar and roofing services to ensure that we can be your one stop shop for solar and roofing in San Diego.

Below are a list of the services offered:

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