Asphalt Shingle Roof replacement In Santee 9/22

Santee Roof Replacement Using Owens Corning Duration Roof Shingles

Unified Solar And Roofing Performed These Services:

  • Installed Owens Corning Asphalt Roof Shingles
  • Installed New Plywood Over The Old Gap Board (Per Code)
  • Installed O’Hagin Roof Ventilation That Is Ember Resistant

Unified Solar And Roofing is a licensed solar and roofing contractor that performs all of our work in-house and we do not use any sub-contractors.

You can rest assured knowing that you wont have to go back and forth with multiple sub-contractors if by chance there is ever an issue as we take care of it all. Unified offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

~Estimator For This Project Was Robert Garnier~

What Was Needed For This Santee Roof Replacement

The customer reached out to us for an estimate for a new composition shingle roof replacement on a home he was purchasing. The home was located in Santee Ca, 92071. Robert, the sales associate, gave the customer a call to set up an appointment to meet at the property. The home was built in the early sixties.

Upon arriving we noticed that the existing shingle roof was showing signs of burnout. The shingle was starting to lose the granule surface which exposes the fiberglass in the shingle. We then walked around the perimeter of the home to inspect all the wood in the overhang areas looking for dry rot and or termite damaged wood. All the wood looked good. We then took a look in the garage to check the underside of the wood substrate. We noticed there were 1” x 6” Redwood gap boards. The codes now say that contractors need to install plywood directly over the 1” x 6” Redwood gap boards to get a full backed warranty on the shingle material from the manufacturer.

We also noticed that the home did not have adequate attic ventilation. Limited intake ventilation and the minimum for exhaust ventilation. It is very important when installing a new shingle roof on a home built in the early sixties that the contractor update the attic ventilation.You must install more intake ventilation just beyond the overhang areas and more exhaust ventilation at the peak of the roof.

Robert Explains What He Presented To The Customer

I worked to educated the customer on attic ventilation and left him with a print out that goes over the codes on attic ventilation. We proposed to remove the existing roofing and install an Owens Corning Tru definition Duration Cool shingle for the new roof replacement. Santee is considered a title 24 hot zone and must have a cool shingle or updated attic insulation for that zone. We also proposed updating the attic ventilation with low profile Ember Resistant attic vents. Even though the home is not in an area that requires Ember Resistant vents, we install those on all of our jobs.

Roofing Materials Used For this Project

Owens Corning asphalt roofing materials used for this Santee roof replacement

Roofing Ventilation Used For This Project

O'Hagin roofing ventilation we used for this roofing installation in Santee'

What We Provided For This Santee Roof Replacement

We submitted a bid to the customer. Robert received a call back the next week to accept the proposal for a new roof. The customer commented that the other two bids did not include the plywood over the gap boards and did not state updating the attic ventilation. The customer chose an Owens Corning Tru Definition Duration Cool shingle, color Night Sky. The new roof installation went very smoothly. We started the job on a Wednesday morning and finished the job the next day on Thursday. Robert gave the customer a call to let him know that we had finished the job. The customer drove by the home both days and said he was very impressed with the progress each day and how efficient our crew was.

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